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Online Cultural Activities launched
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Ningbo cultural units launched digital exhibition halls, online exhibition halls, online exhibitions and other activities. Ningbo Museum, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum, Ningbo Library, Ningbo City Cultural Center, etc. actively acted during the temporary closing of the Spring Festival and continued to spread traditional culture to the public.

The digital exhibition hall of Ningbo Museum consists of two parts: theme display and temporary exhibition.  The theme display mainly consists of exhibition halls and key content exhibits such as "Oriental Shenzhou", "Allah Ningbonese", and "Bamboo Carving Art in Ming and Qing Dynasties". Based on the needs of the masses and the requirements of theme promotion, the temporary exhibitions enriched the museum's public cultural services through the exhibition promotion, graphic introduction, and related cultural knowledge expansion 6 to 10 times every month. The Ningbo Museum has newly opened temporary columns such as "Daily Object" to promote digital exhibitions.  The above contents can be viewed through the WeChat public account of Ningbo Museum.

The Tianyi Pavilion Museum's online pavilion has been online on CCTV (http://livechina.cctv.com/wszg/tyg/index.html). People can open this page to visit the important attractions of Tianyi Pavilion from “720-degree panorama”. The revised official website of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum has been officially launched. In some of the digital virtual exhibition halls, you can see the exhibition with the touch of a finger, and you can also see the four major collections of cultural relics such as ancient books, paintings, inscriptions, and utensils.  In addition, Tianyi Pavilion will launch a series of online activities for the Spring Festival of the Year of Rat through the official WeChat.

The plum blossoms of the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum are in full bloom in the cold. The museum launched a video of plum appreciation on the WeChat public account. People can appreciate plum blossom culture in ancient buildings through the Internet.  At the same time, the plum blossom exhibition held in the Science and Technology Insurance Center was also moved to the WeChat public account.

The China Port Museum has a digital museum on its official website. You can see exhibitions such as "The Legend of the Ancient Roman Seaport", "I Have Come From Ancient Times-The Life of Prehistoric Ningbonese", and you can browse the Meishan Saltworks Memorial Hall online and the Tazhipu Ticket Museum.

The Ningbo Library has audio reading and digital reading platforms on the WeChat public account. At the same time, it also launches activities such as "Inviting you to watch e-books for the cultural year", “poetry breakthroughs”, and "Spring Festival folk album exhibitions" to promote reading during the Spring Festival.

Ningbo Cultural Center will launch a series of new-year special online digital resource exhibitions from now on. Based on the Ningbo one-person-one-art cloud platform, a series of large-scale event retrospective exhibitions, art MOC resource exhibitions, personal interactive special exhibitions, and excellent national resource exhibitions are planned.  With colorful content, citizens can enjoy cultural meals through the “Ningbo One Person One Art” WeChat public account.

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