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Foreign friends enjoy International Spring Festival Gala
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On January 11, the Chinese New Year celebration activities sponsored by Haishu Foreign Culture Exchange Association held in the culture hall of Minlecun, Gaoqiaozhen. International friends from more than twenty countries, including Russia, France and the Philippines, gathered with local villagers to experience the traditional Chinese New Year in advance.


In the afternoon, foreign friends and villagers of Minlecun together performed an International Spring Festival Gala. Besides the percussion performance and Kung Fu show, villagers and foreign friends also chorused Auld Long Syne… The wonderful programs drew the world closer to Ningbo.


In addition to artistic performances, a series of experience activities such as writing the "Fu" character, making golden mice and traditional snacks enabled international friends to experience the traditional customs of the Chinese New Year. During the part of making rice cakes, after a simple demonstration, foreign friends couldn’t wait to try it. Despite the language barrier, they soon succeeded by making gestures and eye contact.


“It’s really great to celebrate the Spring Festival in China,” said Alona from Russia who loves Chinese culture very much. During the activity, she was busy writing the “Fu” character and showed great interests in learning how to make rice cakes. “I can't wait to share with you that I have learned a new skill in Ningbo, writing the Chinese character "Fu" with a writing brush, to send New Year wishes to my family,” said Brenda, a Chinese fan from the Philippines. She was also the hostess of those activities.


Since its inception in 2017, according to the arrangement of Haishu Government, Haishu Foreign Culture Exchange Association has held some foreign exchange activities like the Nepal Thangka Exhibition and reading activities which were widely acclaimed by foreigners. These activities has helped tell Haishu story, further promoted Haishu and Ningbo, and improved the image and influence of Ningbo.

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