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Ningbo has 15 rivers and lakes on the list of 2019 Provincial Beautiful
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Ningbo city was built along waters with breathtaking landscape, which has become an indispensable part of daily life. According to the Municipal Department of Water Resources on January 12, after Dadongjiang River, Tang River, Xiaoxiajiang River clutching the honor of “Beautiful River and Lake” in 2018, 15 rivers and lakes in Ningbo city has been on the 2019 list of Zhejiang Provincial Beautiful River and Lake.

The 15 includes: Yaojiang River, Yongxin River in Yinzhou District, Academician Gongyuan River, Xinyang Muqi River, Zhonghe River in Beilun district, Dahe River in Meishan district, Xitang River in Haishu district, Guanshan River in Jiangbei district, Butterfly River in Zhenhai district, Xiaolu Daxi River in Yuyao, Fuxi River in Ninghai, Tianming Lake, Renhu Lake in Fenghua, Guanxi River in Xiangshan, and Jiangjia River, Lijia River, Zhujia River in Gaoxin District.

In quest for better environment of the lake and river, Ningbo Municipal Department of Water Resources has kept up efforts and partnered with every urban and rural community, coming up with a set of effective water management approaches. Since 2011, improvement of water environment has been carried out among towns and villages with the completion of water environment treatment in 430 villages and 23 towns.

In 2019, the establishment of “Beautiful Lake and River” has been on of the ten realistic livelihood in Zhejiang. Ningbo city answers the call of building beautiful lake and river in all respects, implementing Ningbo City Construction Plan for Beautiful Lake and Rive(2019-2022) with the priority on rich Jiangnan style features.

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