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A special first class at college
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"The waste sorting concept becomes so vivid to me with the special publicity, and it is quite impressive and practical." said Shi Xu, a new student of the Class One of the Stomatology of Ningbo College of Health Sciences.

On September 7, the over 2,500 freshmen of the college started school. To help raise the new students’ awareness of waste sorting, the college handed out the publicity brochures for waste sorting to the freshmen and invited them to take part in the waste sorting games. The vivid and lively forms of waste sorting publicity enable the newcomers to have a better idea of the waste sorting campaign.

Reportedly, even before they came to the college for registration, the new students have had access to the waste sorting knowledge on a range of publicity platforms like the college’s enrolling system, the official WeChat account of the college, the college BBS and the Post Bar of the college, etc. With the strengthened concept of environmental protection and the impression of the green, healthy and beautiful campus environment, the new students have formed the idea that “waste sorting is a kind of new fashion” before stepping onto the campus.

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