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Ningbo children’s choir won the gold medal
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On the evening of August 4th, the 6th Singapore international chorus festival, Ningbo children’s chorus won the gold medal from 41 teams in the A1 group competition. This is the second gold medal of Ningbo children’s choir in 2019, following the Princeton international chorus festival.

The choir performed two songs. One is the Spanish song Yo le Canto todo el Dia composed by Venezuelan composer David l. Brunner, and the other is “water skipper” written by Chinese composer Liu Xiaogeng according to the zhuang people’s nursery rhymes.

Established in June 2016, Ningbo children’s choir, as a business card for the city of music and the city’s “13th Five-Year Plan”, has won the support of the China Conservatory of Music and the Ningbo Municipal Government. In the three years since its establishment, it has achieved a series of outstanding achievements, including the selection of the National Art Foundation’s annual art talent training program, the recording of the Ningbo City Voice Promo, winning the gold medal of the 6th Hong Kong world youth chorus festival, the first place of the gold medal of the 2018 national chorus art festival competition, and the gold medal of the international chorus festival in Princeton in February 2019.

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