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Ningbo Invests 450 Million to Build "Distinctive Towns"
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A town known for its photoelectric film industry in Ningbo has invested 450 million yuan to build an over 10,000 squre meters of complex consisting of exhibition halls, hotels, apartments, tourist centers and public facilities. The complex helps to transform the remote town into a AAA tourist area that is suitable for living, working and tourism.

Located in the high and new tech industrial park in Jiangbei District, Ningbo, the town has witnessed a series of problems bubble to the surface as both population and industries cluster at here. According to some complains, workers find it inconvenient to go to work here due to its remoteness; they hove no choice but to dine at canteen since there are no restaurants nearby; young workers find it boring for they can find no place for entertainment here.

Economic growth must come with advancements in public facilities and ecological progress. Starting from the problems they heard during field visits, the party committee in Cichen Town, Jiangbei District are determined to promote a sense of quality and happiness in the town. On the one hand, they have adopted some measures for the convenience of military personnel. Also, an enterprise meeting is regularly held on Saturday to address the “hard problems” in enterprises’ development. On the other hand, supporting facilities such as the complex has been built to give workers a sense of belonging.

In addition, the party committee has set up a service center for talents with a service list of “key affairs”, giving them support in basic life necessities, befriending and education; bus routes are optimized with increased runs; jogging runways are also increased as an effort to rise the local greenery standard; parks and 5G connection points are also in the bud. With all these efforts, the party committee is helping local enterprises to realize their dream of entrepreneurship.

According to statistics, the town now boasts 10 listed companies and holding subsidiaries, and 3 listed companies in the New Third Board, forming industrial clusters of membrane materials and high-end equipment manufacturing, and emerging as the demonstration base for the development of China's photoelectric film industry. And the optical base film-functional film register an output of 200 million square meters per year,with the length equivalent to 5 laps around the Earth's equator.

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