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Ningbo Gourmet Street to Open on National Poverty Alleviation Day
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Located in the southern business district in Jinzhou District, a gourmet street feautring distinctive local customs of Yanbian, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Chongqing and Quzhou   is expected to open for business on Oct 17, National Poverty Alleviation Day, as it is the first comprehensive project of poverty alleviation through consumption.

As coordinated poverty alleviation between eastern and western China is well underway, the two-way flow of people, goods, capital and information between Ningbo and its target cities sees continual growth. To promote the development of businesses in its target cities, especially their agricultural products, Yinzhou District initiated the gourmet street project as a comprehensive poverty alleviation project.

Its design started in early 2019 and construction in late June and is now ready for operation, according to Qian Saijiang, Deputy Director of Yinzhou Development and Reform Bureau

“We have attracted 20 local businesses from our target cities, including ginseng businesses and restaurants with Yanbian, Quzhou and Xinjiang features.” said Chen Feng, deputy head of the project.

Participating businesses will not only enjoy preferential land-leasing policies, but will also sign an agreement to ensure workforce from target areas is employed and needed ingredients  are purchased from target areas. What’s more, businesses fulfilling their poverty alleviation tasks will be rewarded. This way the project can truly help alleviate povery.

“By tapping agricultural products, food and tourism with local features, we hope the project can be a fashionable and innovative formula to alleviate poverty through consumption and a window showcasing the charm of target areas.” said Qian Saihong. In the future, an OTO(online to offline) model combining the business district and neighboring commercial buildings and  e-commerce industrial parks will be in place to facilitate the distribution of products of target areas.

When in business, a local feature week will be held every month, along with many other kinds of performance to promote the culture and lifestyle of different areas.

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