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The oyster breeding in Xidian of Ningbo dates back to 700 years ago. According to Annals of Ninghai, it was Feng Tangying, a jinshi in the Song Dynasty who taught the locals to raise oysters. Since then, oyster became a famous marine product of Ninghai.

Xidian of Ninghai County has the largest oyster-raising base of Zhejiang Province, totaling 1005 hectares. The annual production capacity of Xidian reaches 700 tons, accounting for 50% of the county's total. And the breeding area and the production of Ninghai County take up respectively 68% and 41% of the province's total. The oyster produced in the Tianjiang area is of the best quality, thanks to its unique location.

Oyster meat is tasty and nutritious, famed as marine milk. Each 100 g of oyster meat contains 4.8g protein, 2.2g fat, 10.7g, 10.7g carbohydrate, 165mg calcium, 11 mg phosphorus, 324.8 kilo joule calories, 1500 units of Vitamin A, 0.19 mg ovoflavin. Oyster meat can be eaten either raw or done. The dish of oyster meat fried with eggs is a famous delicacy in Ningbo.

It is believed that oyster meat can vitalize inner energy, detoxify, and quench thirst. The shells, after calcined, take on some restraining effect.

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