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2019 Ningbo Shopping Festival kicks off
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The 2019 Ningbo Shopping Festival, as well as the Consumption Promotion Month activity, started on August 1.

The event is sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government, and hosted by Ningbo Commercial Bureau, Ningbo Finance Office, the district (or county) governments, and the administrative committees of Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo Bonded Zone, the Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, the Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort and Meishan Bonded Port. The other organizations that have assisted the organization of the festival include Ningbo Daily Group, Ningbo Broadcasting and TV Group, Ningbo Business Street Association and Ningbo Homemaking Service Enterprises Association.

This year, the shopping festival is combined with the consumption promotion month, and will last for a month instead of only 17 days as the past few years, so that the citizens can have more time to get involved in the festival.

This year’s festival will fully coordinate and integrate the consumption resources of the city, strengthen the interaction and communication between business and banking, between business and tourism, between business and cultural affairs and between business and sports, and conduct a series of multi-theme consumption promotion activities. Meanwhile, the festival will promote the brands and deepen the communication and cooperation by building the supply-demand docking platforms, and establish and improve the long-term mechanism of expanding consumption, thus improving Ningbo’s capacity in providing services to the urban business circles.

According to the latest statistics, there will be 159 promotion activities in such fields as retail, catering, accommodation, tourism, culture, sports and parent-child activities. The activities will be divided into four sections with such respective themes as culture, public welfare, online-offline interaction, and business-banking (business-tourism, business-culture or business-sports) interaction. In terms of different areas, 31 activities will be held in Yinzhou District, 34 in Haishu District, 13 in Beilun District, 12 in Zhenhai District, five in Jiangbei District, 16 in Ninghai County, 14 in Yuyao County, 12 in Cixi County, seven in the High-tech Zone, five in Xiangshan County, three in Fenghua District, two in the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, and one in Meishan Bonded Port, Ningbo Bonded Zone and the Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort respectively. Besides, Ningbo Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Ningbo Homemaking Service Association will carry out one activity each.

The opening ceremony of the festival was held at the Huarun Colorful City Square of Yuyao County at 7pm on July 31. The closing and awarding ceremony will be held at the Intime City of Beilun District at 7pm on August 31.

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