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Ningbo becomes a powerful manufacturing city through industrial transformation
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From the total industrial output value being only 100 million yuan in the early period after the new Chinawas established, to 100 billion in 1994, and then to two trillion in 2018,Ningbo’s manufacturing industry has achieved an accelerated soaring in scale. From the light industry at the early time of the implementation of reform and opening-up policy, to the current focus on both heavy industry and high-tech industry,Ningbo’s manufacturing industry has built up a complete set of manufacturing categories. These are the best evidence forNingbo’s development from a poor industrial city to a powerful manufacturing city over the past 70 years. On the morning of July 31, the News Office of Ningbo Municipal Government held the second press conference for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic ofChina.

“Development of manufacturing is the foundation forNingbo’s development.” said a person in charge from Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau at the press conference. The past and present sessions of the municipal party committee and municipal government ofNingbohave attached great importance to industrial development, and have always put the development of industry in the first place in economic construction. After 70 years of hard work,Ningbohas basically formed an industrial system with the port-based heavy chemical industry as the leader, the traditional advantageous industries as the major force, and the high-tech industry as the new growth point.

As for the basic statistics, in 2018,Ningboachieved a total industrial added value of 495.37 billion yuan, 313 times that of 1978. in 2018, the total profit of the large-scale enterprises inNingboreached 122.75 billion yuan, 470 times that of 1978, with an average annual growth rate of 17%. Over the past decade,Ningbohas accomplished a total industrial investment volume of over 1.1 trillion yuan.

In terms of the industrial categories,Ningbohas realized the historical leap from a poor state to a prosperous stage, by building the complete industrial system covering almost all the categories of manufacturing industry. The consumption industry, the port heavy chemical industry, the equipment manufacturing industry and some emerging industries have all bloomed inNingbo. There are now eight 100-billion-level industrial clusters in such fields as green petrochemical, auto, high-end equipment, key basic components, new materials, electronic information, fashion and textile industry, and intelligent household appliances. There are also nine national industrial bases for stationery, mould industry, and injection molding machines, etc.

In terms of the amount of enterprises, so far, there are over 120,000 industrial enterprises of various kinds, with about two million people employed. Among others, Aux, Geely Auto, Junsheng Electronics, Deli Group, Shenzhou Group and Haitian Plastics Machinery, the leading ones of the top 100 manufacturers inNingbo, have become the leading force for the high-quality development of manufacturing inNingbo. In 2018, the top 100 manufacturers achieved a total output value of 763.4 billion yuan, accounting for 45.4% of the output value of the large-scale industrial enterprises.Ningbonow boasts 28 national champions in the specific fields of manufacturing, ranking NO.1 among all the cities inChinain terms of amount of the champions.

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