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Cultural venues temporarily closed due to typhoon
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Affected by the typhoon "Lekima", on the afternoon of August 9, many cultural venues in the city released news of temporary closure.

Ningbo Library (New Hall, Yongfeng Hall) was closed all day on the 9th from 17:00 to 10th, and all the readers’ activities were postponed accordingly.

Tianyi Pavilion Museum and its subordinate culture relic preservation sites (Tianfeng Tower, Fufu Room, Yintai House, Baiyunzhuang) were all temporarily closed. The closure time was from 3:00 pm to 10 pm on the 9th. Ningbo Museum and Qing'an Guild Hall will be closed for one day on the 10th and no visits or activities would be held. Ningbo Cultural Center would be closed all day from 17:00 to August 10, and all activities such as training, exhibitions and performances would be postponed accordingly. Ningbo Gang Museum would be closed from the afternoon of the 9th and all public activities would be stopped. The reopening time would be announced separately according to the weather conditions. The second phase of the Summer Youth Go Class”, originally scheduled to be held on the 11th, was suspended, and the follow-up arrangements will be notified by phone. Yong Opera Art Museum was closed all day from 17:00 to 10th.

In addition, a number of performances were also cancelled: the opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 New Music Season of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra, scheduled to be staged at Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre on the evening of the 9th, was cancelled; Ningbo International Piano Art Festival and the Music Awards International Piano Invitational "Theme Music Show", originally scheduled to be held at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on the evening of 9th and the "Li Min Theme Lecture" held on August 10 were cancelled.

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