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“Sports +” enriches the beautiful life in the country
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Shiqifang Village Sports Park (Photo by Wang Wei)

When night falls, the liveliest place in t Shiqifang Village of Zhenhai Xiepu Town is undoubtedly the sports park near their home. Row dance, basketball, badminton... Men, women and children can find a suitable sports program in this sports park adjacent to Zhengshi Shiqifang scenic spot.

"It was a deserted land, but now it has become the a place for the daily fitness of the villagers." Zheng Pinglong, the party secretary of the village, said that thanks to the "beautiful village" construction project, the wasteland of the village has been turned into a sports park and become a public fitness center. “It has not only improved the outlook of the village, but also changed the villagers’ leisure methods, and the neighborhood relationship is more harmonious.

The sports park of the Shiqifang Village is a miniature of the “park + sports” model in Zhenhai District. "Today, sports and fitness are not only popular in the city, but also has become a trend in the countryside. It is one of the 'standards' of daily life." The person in charge of the Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Zhenhai District said that people’s consciousness of exercise and fitness is increasing, and governments are also increasing their investment in fitness for all. 

In recent years, Zhenhai District has rationally utilized the effective space of the park, innovated the construction mode of the stadium, built and reconstructed leisure venues; built hiking trails, promoted rural tourism, and promoted the development of “sports+”. The sports facilities scattered throughout the village are becoming a beautiful landscape in Zhenhai countryside, enriching the beautiful life of the village. And through the platform built by sports activities, each village has also developed new patterns of rural tourism.

Chaoyang Village Football Field (Photo by Chen Xiaoshu)

"Park + Sports" to build a leisure and fitness stadium

Replacing the football field fence and maintaining the basketball court... Under the summer sun, the construction site of the Chaoyang Village Sports and Leisure Park in Luotuo Street is busy, and the renovation and upgrading project is in full swing.

Chaoyang Village once had a village-level sports field with a five-a-side football field, a standard basketball court and other infrastructures such as a dance pool and fitness trails. Now, some facilities have been damaged, which has affected normal use.

At the beginning of 2019, the village spent money to renovate the sports park: have an overall renovation of the park's internal vegetation; upgrade and build new sports facilities; add children's play facilities, outdoor table tennis tables and other equipment. “At present, the village sports and leisure park upgrading project has been included in the municipal government's livelihood project, which is expected to be completed by the end of September 2019.” Mei Dong, the head of the competition and training division of the Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said that this will actually improve the fitness environment of the village and enrich the lives of villagers.

Xiepu Dahe South Bank Fitness Trail (Photo by Dai Xuguang)

The predecessor of Chaoyang Village Sports and Leisure Park is just a village-level roadside park green space. Relevant departments gradually built amusement facilities and ball venues in the region to meet the fitness needs of the surrounding residents. Add sports elements to the original park to solve the problem of the “no place for fitness” and rejuvenate the “old” park.

In Zhenhai, on the one hand, the land resource is an increasingly scarce, and on the other hand, people’s demand for sports keeps increasing. But the conflict of land use has not become a constraint for sports infrastructure construction. On the contrary, Zhenhai District has formed “Zhenhai Model” of using sports venues through scientific planning to promote integration and sharing of resources.  

The Central Park in Xiepu Wantang Village, with a total area of more than 16,000 square meters, has new basketball courts, gate courts, children's playgrounds, trails and other facilities. Jiaochuan Street has built new fitness trails, basketball courts, football fields and other facilities in the existing ecological parks, turning it into a comprehensive fitness park. Zhenhai District will carry out renovation and upgrading of the original village central parks, community parks, comprehensive parks and streetside, roadside green space. It will also build small fitness squares, fun activity areas, venue sports areas, avenue, fitness trails and venues in the woods according to local conditions.   

Chen Huan, a Sichuanese who rents a house in Yingzhou Village, Jiaochuan, is fond of basketball. He was found in the sports park. "The venue here is good and free. When there are many people, we will form a team to play." Chen Huan said that because of this sports park, he, as a  newcomer of Zhenhai, has made many new friends.


Jiulonghu Xijingtang Village Multi-functional Playground (Photo by Chen Siyi)

At the same time, Zhenhai District has also built sports facilities in the green park under the viaduct, fully exploiting and integrating the idle land resources under the viaduct, and building comprehensive sports venues and professional stadiums. Wanshixu Village in Zhuangshi Street invest more than 6.5 million yuan in building the green space under the viaduct into a comprehensive fitness center integrating plastic lighting basketball court, plastic lighting soccer field and fitness trails. The construction level reached the construction standard of the public fitness center for  provincial central village.

“Make full use of space and expand the sports facilities to every corner of the district.” Mei Dong said that at present, comprehensive stadiums and professional-level sports venues have been built under the viaducts of Zhaobaoshan, Luotuo and Zhuangshi.

At the same time, the investment in “park + sports” construction is also flexible and diverse. Some sports venues, facilities and park green spaces were built in parallel, using special funds such as “three reforms and one demolition” and “rural revitalization”,realizing the maximum use of financial funds.

“Rural Tourism + Sports” adds scenery to the countryside

This season witness crowds of tourists on the “Hometown of Entrepreneurs” civilization demonstration line in Zhuangshi Yongwang Village. Entering this small and famous green forest roaming route from the entrance of Donghuan North Road, there is a "small road" full of European style in the dense ecological forest belt. The road is paved with concrete, flat and clean, with carefully planted street trees and ornamental green plants on both sides, and a plastic track on the left and right for sports enthusiasts to run and exercise.

On the roadside, the “Qingfeng” forest belt is lush and fragrant, and the other end of the nearly 400 acres of flower sea blooms in a natural and original way. One after another urban tourist comes here, walking quickly, or roaming or lost in the flower sea. “There are often tourists walking to the village to eat at the farmhouse, which increases the income of the villagers.” Zhu Xingkun, a villager from Yongwang Village, said that the   “Hometown of Entrepreneurs”civilization demonstration line provides a good place for leisure and fitness for the surrounding residents. The village of Yongwang Village has a "second spring".

In recent years, Zhenhai District relies on flower sea, beautiful villages, scenic spots and other resources to build recreational trails, cycling greenways, mountaineering fitness trails, etc., to connect the scattered rural landscapes to turn the villages and farmhouses into the landscapes. "Expanding the space and connotation of rural tourism, and driving the extension of the rural tourism industry chain." The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Zhenhai District said that the "rural tourism + sports" model will drive farmers to increase their incomes and become rich in the countryside, bringing certain economic benefits to the local area and accelerating rural revitalization.

Zhenhai Jiulonghu Town is one of “Ningbo Rural Tourism Demonstration Zones”. It has natural beauty and picturesque pastoral scenery, an ideal place for people to live in. Nowadays, this business card has another new element – sports. This is the exploration and practice of implementing the rural revitalization strategy in Jiulong Lake and promoting the development of sports and tourism integration.

In Qinshan Village, the core area of Jiulonghu Rural Tourism Demonstration Zone, the green road around the village is beautiful. The cyclists shuttle between the forests, the streams and the bamboo seas. They are close to nature and enjoy the natural beauty. This small village surrounded by mountains and rivers has increasingly become a favorite destination on the internet for cyclists, attracting many urban guests to come to the village to taste farmhouse food, to stay in farmhouse, and to feel homesickness.

At the same time, using its own location, ecological resources and facilities advantages, Jiulonghu Town is actively developing the sports industry, which will be cultivated into a gathering area for sports events and promote the transformation and upgrading of rural tourism. Jiulonghu (Ningbo) International Half Marathon has been held for many years. Besides, making full use of“water” resources, the town is actively introducing recreational water sports projects, and building a training base for children yachting, windsurfing, rowing and canoeing in East China.

In Zhenhai, sports elements can be seen everywhere in the rural revitalization. Xiepu Wantang Farm built a fishing base covering an area of more than 200 acres. There are 5 standard fishing competition ponds. It can accommodate 300 people at one time. Since the establishment of the base, it has hosted or co-hosted various fishing competitions and has become the designated fishing training base by the Municipal Fishing Association. Luotuo Street built a thousand acres of rapeseed flower fields in Huangshazha Village, and holds a rape blossom marathon to promote the integration of urban and rural development and rural revitalization, and realize the “three-industry integration”. An emerging popular rural tourism destination on the internet, which integrates leisure, tourism and vacation, is taking shape.

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