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Foreigners entering the employment permit
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Item Property

Other items of administrative service

Administrative Authority

Ningbo Municipal Labor and Social Security  Bureau (Commissioned by provincial department)

Acceptance Location

No.257, South Jiefang, road, Ningbo

Consulting phone number


Responsible Offices

Ningbo Municipal Employment Administration Service

Main basis of setting  or implementing(File name, symbol, and specific provisions)

1. “Administration of Foreigners Working in China Provisions”(No29,[1996]of Ministry of Labor)Article4、7 and 11

2. “Further  managing   of Foreigners Working in China well   Circular”(No22,[2007]of Ministry of Labor and Social Securiy)。

3. “Circular concerning Strict implementation in the foreigner working with professional employment visa”(No91,[2008]of ZheJiang Provincial Department of Labor and Social Securiy)

Transaction term

Statutory term:15 working daysPromised term:15 working days

Documentation to Be Submitted:

Application Requirements:

1.Be 18 years of age or above and in good health;

2.Have the expertise and relevant work experience required for their work;

3.Have no criminal record;

4.Have a confirmed hiring unit; and

5.Have a valid passport or other international travel documents which can be used instead of a passport。

Application materials:

1.The report of reasons for employment (must show detailed employment reasons);
2.Business registration certificate of employers or proof of the original and copy of the statutory registration of employers, organization code certificate and a copy of the original. Foreign-invested enterprises must provide the original and copy of the certificate of approval;
3.Foreigners valid passport (visa) copy;
4.Engaging the Letter of Intent (must contain detailed terms of labor);
5.Experience foreigner to be employed (including the last learning experience), academic certificates, to be employed in the work of the business qualification certificates (Note: Work Experience including Individual final academic and integrity with personal experience of the final qualification, to be printed in Chinese by the employer confirmed and sealed; Work Experience and academic certificates in foreign languages, is required to provide the Chinese translation and confirm sealed by the employer. Business qualification certificates refer to the relevant qualifications or technical skills certificates issued by the relevant institutions,if in a foreign language, is required to provide the Chinese translation and confirm sealed by the employer.;
6.Foreigners to be employed health original and copy;
7.Completed 《Foreigners working in ZHEJIANG Province Application for registration form》in duplicate;
8.To be employed aliens recent photograph of two two-inch without hat;
9.Foreign countries (regions) enterprise Permanent representative of the chief representative and additionally, provide a valid  "Work Permit" and copy

10.Completed "Ningbo Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau administrative license application," a copy (to be stamped with official seal).

Charge (Y/N): 


Brief Flow Diagram

Window accepts →Examine and Verify by relevant departments→window feedback and deliver certificates


The Employment Application Form for Foreigner in Zhejiang



Name of Employer                            

Name of Employee                           



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