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Spend summer in Fenghua
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Visitors are experiencing the rainbow bubble run at Shanglianggang.

Daxie's first-class ecological environment has attracted many tourists.

Fenghua Binhai has become a new destination for summer vacation.

When the rainy season is over, the heat wave comes. However, the temperature here is only 23 ° C!

Recently, with the opening of the 23 °C Shanglianggang Forest Summer Resort Festival and the theme of “Summer Beauty of Fenghua”, this cool “Zhejiang Summer Resort” has been on the top list of people’s summer travel.

Yellow, blue, pink, white... The exciting rainbow bubble runs let the children enjoy the marshmallow-like fairy tale world. Eating watermelon, drinking beer, playing with water, and exciting activities, even the adults can't resist the temptation.

Of course, the most attractive thing here is the alpine jungle and the meandering stream, which is enough to make people cool and exposed to the green forest. The main peak of Shangliangang is 1080 meters above sea level. It has dense vegetation and beautiful scenery. And the negative oxygen ion content is extremely high. It is a truly natural oxygen bar. Especially in summer, the average temperature is only 23 °C, which has the reputation of China's “Second Mount Lu”.

The 23°C Shanglianggang Forest Summer Resort Festival and the theme of “Summer Beauty of Fenghua” are jointly sponsored by People’s Government of Fenghua District and Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Film and Tourism. From July 20th to August 31st, there are events including fantastic rainbow bubble running, childlike squirting, funny mountain star camping, romantic mountain midnight beer festival, exciting CS chicken eating contest...

In addition to Shanglianggang, in recent years, Fenghua has also developed many brand-new summer tourism culture products by exploring the cooling culture, comprehensive display of regional ecological advantages, and continuous industrial integration. These products include Shanglianggang with mountain, grasslands and lakes; waterfalls in Sanyingtan and glass plank road in Xufuyan Rock, as well as Longtan water park, Xijiang drifting...

At the opening ceremony of the event, Fenghua Culture, Radio, Television, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau introduced two special boutique tour routes to the tourists and citizens: one is a tour of “a poetic destination at 23°C”, including attractions such as Shanglianggang, Yantou Rafting, Xuedou Mountain and Xufuyan Rock; the other is a tour of “beach and fishing”, including activities such as Huangxian Forest Park tour, fishing in the sea, water playing in Bailongtan, and rural tour in Dayan.

“These two routes cover the boutique scenic spots and new business forms in our district. They are cultural, ecological and entertaining. They will provide visitors and citizens with a full range of summer leisure experiences” the person in charge of Fenghua Culture, Radio, Television, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau said.

New choices for summer travel in rural Fenghua

Speaking of Fenghua tourism, the first thing that citizens can think of is the scenic spots such as Xikou Xuedou Mountain and Chiang’s Former Residence. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of “one village, one product” in Fenghua Scenic Area, Fenghua’s rural tourism has flourished and more tourists are coming.

Recently, in Fenghua rural tourism boutique line conference, six series of rural tourism in Fenghua and 60 featured products debut. The six series are Top Ten Beautiful B&B, Top Ten Cultural Ancient Villages, Top Ten Mountaineering Trails, Top Ten Local Foods, Ten Experiences and Ten Featured Routes.

The unique and warm homestays can meet urban people’s yearning for “poetry and distance”. There are “Hua Yu Zui” by the river, “Minghu Mountain Villa” against the mountain, “Qi Yu Gu” the wonderfully inverted villas, “Xufuyan RV Holiday Camp” on the top of Xuedou Mountain, and “Yantou Manxiuguwhich has the perfect blending of original and modern...

Beef Noodles, Aguo Fried Dumplings, Chunhu Rice Tofu, Dayan Roast Duck, Tingxia Pavilion Fish... Fenghua's food is mostly hidden in the old house and old alley. The long history gives them a different taste and homesickness.

Relying on a variety of rural cultural tourism products, Fenghua Culture, Radio, TelevisionTourism and Sports Bureau will hold different rural tourism activities, encouraging people to visit the country and fall in love with Fenghua. In the summer of 2019, Dayan hosted “Yun Geng Dayan·Peach Music Festival”, and Shanglianggang held the “Dream House” summer camp – the young architect challenge; Shangtian Fine Agricultural Creation Park hosted an activity with the theme of “my ideal life”: visitors can pick fruits and vegetables, experience farm life and have other creative handicraft activities. Visitors can also experience fishing lobsters, fish-catching in the field, planting and so on.

Top Ten B&Bs: Hua Yu Zui, Jing Man Bie Yuan, Minghu Villa, Qi Xia Shan Ju, Qi Yu Gu, Qin Hai Yuan, Sheng Ling Gu, Wu Ju Wu Su, Xu Yuyan RV Holiday Camp, Yantou Man Xiu Gu.

Ten cultural ancient villages: Yantou Village, Qingyun Village, Matou Village, Nan’ao Village, Jin’e Village, Mingyan Village, Houfan Village, Changzhao Lake Bridge Village, Linjia Village and Sanshiliuwan Village.

Top Ten Ancient Trails: Qixiakeng Ancient Trail, Bodhi Ridge Ancient Trail, Huangniling Ancient Trail, Yinkengling Ancient Trail, Xiaoxiling Ancient Trail, Rushanting Trail, Daleishan (Shangtian) Trail, Tongshan Trail, Yangtian Lake Trail, Wangganling Trail .

Ten dishes: beef noodle, Aguo Fried Dumplings, Wuhu rice tofu, Dayan roast duck, Tingxia Lake fish, Fenghua Yutou, Ajun mutton porridge, Tianling corrugated chicken, Zhuangyuanfan Wanton, Fenghua clam.

Ten experience activities: authentic CS, riding, crab cage fishing, dressing photo-taking tour, Huangxian Mantou Making, Song’ao directional red cross-country, turnip ball making, white tea making, Tanyun ancient paper making, Ferrata, and equestrian.  

Ten tour routes: Song’ao Red Orienteering Tour, Dayan Red Theme Party Building Tour, Summer Drifting Tour (Line A), Summer Drifting Tour (Line B), Companionship Starry family trips, LohasBay Tour, Lohas Bay Fishing Tour, Eco-leisure Summer Vacation, and Kangye wild leisure tour.

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