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Manufacturing industry in Ningbo witnesses high-quality development
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70 years ago, Ningbo’s manufacturing industry lagged behind with only several manufacturing factories.

There was a widespread rhyme at that time, talking about the factories, including the Hefeng Yarn Factory, the Taifeng Flour Mill, the Yongyao Power Plant and the Tongliyuan Oil-pressing Mill.

Despite the weak basis, over the past 70 years,Ningbohas made great progress in developing the strong manufacturing industry. The development of the manufacturing industry, it seems, has been the process of “adherence, openness and innovation”, which have promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry and its high-quality development.

Currently,Ningbois accelerating its “246” industrial cluster construction. The industrial clusters, will become the great support for the next trillion of GDP growth, namely, the “two” trillion-level industrial clusters of the green petrochemical industry and auto industry, the “four” 500 billion-level industrial clusters of the high-end equipment, the new materials, the electronic information, and the software and emerging service industry, and the “six” 100 billion-level industrial clusters of the key basic parts, the intelligent household appliances, the fashion and textile industry, the biomedicine, the cultural and sports supplies and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry.

Adhering to intensive elaboration

In January 2019, at the National Science and Technology Award Conference, Li Xinggen, president of the Tiansheng Seals Co. Ltd. and the project of “the composite finishing technology and equipment of high-precision and high-strength medium-thick plate structural parts” received the second prize of the national technological invention, as the second time for the project to get such a national award.

The seemingly ordinary metal seals break through the technological blockade of such countries as theUSandFranceand force the foreign products of the same kind to reduce the price by 70%. Then what is its secret of success? The answer is the long-lasting adherence to intensive elaboration.

This is just one example of the well-developed manufacturing enterprises inNingbo.

Since the beginning of the reform and opening-up policy,Ningbohas set its goal of making efforts to develop the manufacturing industry despite the variety of confused thoughts.

The private economy has rapidly become the mainstay of the manufacturing industry inNingbo. The humble and practical private entrepreneurs have focused on the cultivation of the artisan spirit and the in-depth development of their own fields.

For example, the Haitian Plastics Machinery, once only producing such farm tools as sickles and hoes about 50 years ago, can now produce the largest precision injection molding machine and the first all-electric injection molding machine in China.

The sewing machine shuttles, with a radius of less than two centimeters, of the Deying Precision Machinery, are supplying the sewing machine factories of dozens of countries all overall the world, accounting for over one third of the global market share.  

After years of development and hundreds of repeated experiments, the Fotile Group has managed to tackle the problem of large-scale spread of oil smoke, which has long been a headache of the field, resulting in its leading role in the field of kitchen ventilator production. 

InNingbo, adhering to the technological development of the specific fields is not only the tradition of the older generation of the local entrepreneurs, but also the principal of the newcomers, who aim to go global with the advanced technologies.

In 2008, Zhang Yan resigned from the position of senior management of a World Fortune 500 company and started his own business inNingbo. Since 2009, the optical diffusion film products of his company, the Exciton Technology, have made their way into such leading companies from home and abroad as Samsung, Sharp, Foxconn, BOE and Truly Optoelectronics, making the company a leader of the domestic photoelectric film field and one of the top three global optical diffusion film companies.

Thanks to this kind of adherence,Ningbo’s manufacturing industry has created its own way of development. According to statistics, there are now 233 champion enterprises inNingbo, including 28 state-level champion enterprises, ranking No.1 in terms of amount. Among all the 233 champion enterprises, 36 enterprises rank No.1 in the global market share of their leading products, and 149 enterprises rank No.1 in the national market share of their leading products. Then among the 28 state-level champion enterprises, 57.1% of them rank No.1 in the global market share of their leading products, and 92.9% of them rank No.1 in the national market share of their leading products.

Going out to build the global industrial chain

If we say the adherence stems from the humble and practical personality of Ningbo entrepreneurs, the ‘openness” gene of the manufacturing industry is then deeply rooted in the hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurship.

In the 1980s and 1980s, many people were involved in the foreign trade. Then after China was included in the WTO, many Chinese entrepreneurs started to pursue “going out”. Later confronted with the international financial crisis, the enterprises began to promote transformation and upgrading. It is just this kind of “opening-up” spirit that has helped Ningbo to cultivate a large number of entrepreneurs with the international vision.

At the beginning, the enterprises tried to sell their products to every corner of the world, then they started to build their overseas production bases, and even began to conduct the cross-border merger and acquisition as well as talent or intelligence introduction. The increasing variety of international cooperation forms have helped the manufacturing of Ningbo to get integrated into the global industrial division system at an accelerated speed and climb up to the medium and high-end of the industrial chain and value chain.

By the end of 2018. The Ningbo enterprises had gone out to over 100 countries and regions. Among others, Ningbo has 141 bilateral investment projects in the CEEC countries, ranking on the top among all the cities in China, with the projects covering such fields as medicine, auto parts and photovoltaic industry.

It is a must for going out to achieve the rapid development through borrowing “intelligence”. In Ningbo, a lot of powerful enterprises have established their overseas research and development institutes. In May 2019, the Geely Auto started its technological branch in Roynheim, Germany, focusing on the R&D of the high-end electric vehicles. The branch, together with the Geely Auto Research Institute at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, the Central European Auto Technology Center in Gothenburg, the auto technology center at the Linjiang Industrial Zone of Hangzhou, and the R&D center in Coventry, becomes an important node of the strong global technology development network of the Geely Group.

Of course, the overseas merger and acquisition cannot be neglected. Some Ningbo enterprises participated in the drafting of the international standards through overseas merger and acquisition and accelerated their integration into the international market, which has helped the enterprises to achieve the leap-forward development. In 2011, Junsheng Electronics merged the Preh GmbH, an established electronic auto parts supplier, and bought the 98 invention patents of the company. Later on, Junsheng Electronics continued to merge the Innoventis, the IMA and the QUIN of Germany, making itself a leader in the field with both the “Chinese gene” and the “German gene”.

Meanwhile, some ambitious Ningbo enterprises have been striving for a say in their fields by participating in the drafting of the international standards. So far, the Ningbo enterprises or institutions have chaired the drafting of 17 items of the international standards.

Innovation-driven development leading to a new era

A bright outlook of the future in dependent on the reasonable reflection of the past experiences.

When the wave of the new technological revolution and industrial reform comes, the technological innovation has become the key for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

With its own independent technological innovation, the Hongrun Construction Group worked the “0.3mm”settlement control wonder, without the international precedent, and won the second prize of the national technology invention award.

The Daxie Petrochemical Corporation of CNOOC, with its technological breakthroughs, took the lead in developing the largest transformation devices in the world, increasing the resource reusing rate to nearly 100%, leading to a newly added profit of 2.79 billion yuan over the past three years.

To build the national demonstration zone for independent innovation, Ningbo has made extraordinary efforts to promote the technological innovation in recent years. The “tree-planting projects” have become the key for the manufacturing industry in Ningbo to strengthen the innovative power for a better future.  

The large group of high-end technological institutes have become a major force for the city’s improvement of innovation power, including such state—level technological innovation platforms as the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, and the Ningbo Branch of Chinese Academy of Weapon Science, the “Five-in One” campus of Zhejiang University, the Ningbo Academy of Materials Engineering of UCAS, the Ningbo Innovation Research Institute of Beihang University, and the AI Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. From intelligent manufacturing to marine equipment, and from new energy to new materials, the 60 academies or institutes will become the strong innovative support for the “246” industrial clusters construction.

“As for how to improve the quality and expand the scale of the industrial cluster construction, the most important part is the breakthroughs in the core technology and components.” said a person in charge from Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau. According to the plan, for the following step, Ningbo will establish the coordinated innovation system with the joint efforts of government, production, research and finance, focus on the breakthroughs of a group of key core technologies, and develop a range of globally leading parts and components industrial clusters, thus getting an important position in the specific fields of the global manufacturing industry.

The prerequisite of a city’s development is its correct orientation, once an expert said. With the adhering, open and innovative elements, the manufacturing industry inNingbohas stepped into a new stage.

Currently, by accelerating the stride to the middle and high-end of the global value chain and the cultivation of the worldly advanced manufacturing clusters,Ningbois marching towards its goal of high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

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