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​Heavy traffic flow expected for waxberry-picking season
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On June 10th,  the fruit farmers are busy packing the waxberry in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. (Xinhua News Agency)

Waxberry-picking season is coming. Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge South Connection Line of G15 Shenhai Expressway, due to its special geographical location, is expected to have heavy traffic flow in the following two weeks. To this end, the expressway traffic police issued a reminder: according to previous years, starting at 7:00 am on Saturday and Sunday, the number of vehicles along the south link of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge will increase, and the traffic peak will be around 9 am. Self-driving waxberry pickers please pay attention to the changes in traffic flow, especially bypass Zhangqi and Cicheng expressway.

It is also learned that in order to cope with the upcoming traffic flow, the expressway ports along the line will increase the entrance and exit channels to improve the traffic efficiency. The expressway traffic police will work with the local traffic police to maintain order and ease traffic. At that time, if there are more vehicles waiting in line at Cicheng Expressway, vehicles can bypass the Jiangbei connecting line to go to Sanqishi or Hemudu Town in Yuyao; if there is congestion in the expressway port, vehicles can bypass the 329 National Road to Guanhaiwei to enter the expressway.

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