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Over 400 overseas companies come to Ningbo for business opportunities
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Scene of docking (Photo by Yin Cong)

“Our biscuit products are all natural. Look at this biscuit. It has a fruit content of more than 70% and has a unique taste.” Said Tony from Bulgaria at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 10th. Saying this, he is handing the local specialty to the representatives of companies participating in the matchmaking meeting.  

According to Tony, as the largest biscuit company in Bulgaria, the company's PRESTIGE biscuits have sales of more than 95 million euros in 2018. “I believe that our products will definitely open up the Chinese market. The only thing missing is the local Chinese agents.” Tony said that the series of docking activities launched by the first China-CEEC Expo gave him confidence. As of the afternoon of June 10, he had completed preliminary negotiations with more than 10 Chinese companies, and will have a deeper docking after the meeting.  

Unlike Tony, Algis from Lithuania has registered his own company in the old Bund in Jiangbei. Algis informed that his company in Lithuania mainly produces alcoholic products, food and cleaning products. Among them, honey beer is the ace of his company.

“My daughter has lived in Ningbo for nearly 8 years. I hope to find a suitable agent through this exhibition and take root in Ningbo.” Algis said that the products of Central and Eastern European countries are more natural. Take his honey beer for example, a barrel of honey beer has a traditional brewing time of at least 12 months, so the taste is unique. As China's spending power continues to escalate, he is confident to open the market in Ningbo and the whole country.

It is learned that during the China-CEEC Expo, the organizing committee arranged 10 series of matching meetings in Hall 8, attracting more than 400 representatives of foreign companies and more than 3,000 domestic import trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce companies, representatives of large supermarkets, trade wholesalers and retailers. The coverage of the trade docking series has gradually expanded from Ningbo to cities in Hangzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Wenzhou and Zhoushan.

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