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"Ningbo Joint Declaration" released
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Central and Eastern European 17 Chamber of Commerce Association will set up a liaison office in Ningbo

On the afternoon of June 10th, Business Cooperation Roundtable of   China(Ningbo)-CEEO Business Association was held, with 23 business associations from 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. After friendly discussions, representatives reached consensus on five aspects of common development, information sharing, personnel exchanges, economic and trade cooperation, and exchange system, and issued the "Ningbo Joint Declaration."

It is learned that "Ningbo Joint Declaration" mainly includes the following contents: Ningbo and Central and Eastern European countries' business associations should realize mutual openness, mutual exchange, equality and mutual benefit, and common development, and provide reciprocal provision in economic and trade activities and market information; actively promote exchanges between participating associations and member companies, exchange staff to conduct short-term training and inspections, and provide as much convenience and assistance as possible; promote economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, organize enterprises to participate in business association meetings, trade exhibitions and seminars, etc., provide convenience and assistance to each other's member companies when they enter other countries and regions to conduct economic and trade activities; each year in Ningbo, China (Ningbo)-CEEC Business Association Business Cooperation Conference is held to deepen China (Ningbo)-CEEC countries and regions to develop a platform for international business cooperation and exchange.

The participants unanimously agreed to set up the Ningbo Liaison Office of the CEEC Business Association as the daily liaison office during the recess of the CEEC Business Association Business Cooperation Roundtable in Ningbo. The function of the Ningbo Liaison Office is the daily liaison mechanism for economic and trade exchanges and mutual cooperation between the CEEC Business Association. It aims to provide an open platform for international business cooperation and exchange between business associations and member companies.

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