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Ningbo increasingly appeals to international talents
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More and more foreigners are attending various international talent recruitment activities in Ningbo.

(Photo by Yang Youdong and Zhou Qiong)


"I want to improve my Chinese and contact more Ningbo enterprises. I like here and hope that this city will bring me more surprises!" Recently, the German girl Saatchi came to the 3rd International Talent Selection Conference at University of Nottingham Ningbo, China in Yinzhou District. She was seeking cooperation opportunities with Ningbo enterprises. It is her third consecutive time to attend the conference. Now, more and more foreign talents have clearly identified Ningbo as an important destination for job hunting.

Saatchi is an international student majoring in international trade and economics. She has lived in Ningbo for three years. She was deeply attracted to the dynamic Ningbo now, and she has gradually made up her mind to stay in Ningbo. Today, Saatchi began to plan her future in a more detailed way: "I hope to engage in import and export related industries, and I am willing to challenge marketing positions. At present, I hope to find suitable internship positions and accumulate more workplace experience for myself. " Falling in love with Ningbo, the French boy Christopher is also looking for the right position for himself. When he read the recruitment information forwarded by his friends on the WeChat public account, Christopher had done his homework early and felt that an international financial controller in Boway is a good choice for him.

In recent years, with the improvement of Ningbo’s influence, its appeal to various talents, including international talents, has continued to increase. In a previous international talent selection campaign, the Polish young man Phoebe rushed to Ningbo from Shanghai to participate in the conference. "I’m here to see if there is a suitable opportunity for me and also my friends."

It is learned that the companies participating in this international talent selection meeting include financial, new materials, home appliance manufacturing, international trade, etc. The related positions include general managers, president assistants, R&D engineers, international financial management professionals of foreign subsidiaries, international sales managers and overseas salesmen. While more and more international talents are interested in Ningbo, the demand for international talents of the increasingly internationalized enterprises is expanding to all aspects.

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