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Tour Ningbo Small Towns
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With the coming of colorful May,the small towns in Ningbo are becoming more and more beautiful. It is a good time for leisure travel.

After more than two years of hard work, the small towns in Ningbo have been fully renovated, and a large number of towns and villages have realized a splendid turn from “dirty and chaos” to “clean orderly and beautiful”.

Problem-oriented and giving priority to people's livelihood greatly improves the look of small towns. Many small towns have changed their landscape through the transformation of leisure plazas, upgrading of characteristic neighborhoods, building portals, implementing wall façade renovations, “white-to-black” road renovation, and “up to down” pipeline renovation. With the effective cleaning of household garbage, littering, river silt, field waste, etc., the environment has been completely changed; toilet revolution, sewage revolution, farm market transformation, leisure footpaths and parking lot construction has made the infrastructure of small towns better and better; some old streets and ancient buildings have been repaired and protected and organically renewed, forming a large number of memorable neighborhoods and small towns with stories; demolition, relocation, and utilization made a large number of "pocket parks", "pocket parking lots", and country gardens more beautiful, and the living environment has been greatly improved, so that the villagers living there have enhanced their sense of well-being and happiness.

Towns and villages’ joint promotion of the whole region have brought a new look to the countryside. The renovation of small towns is closely integrated with the construction of beautiful countryside, the construction of beautiful roads, the protection of historical and cultural (traditional) villages, and the creation of village scenic spots. “Renovating the towns and villages to create a beautiful scenery and benefit the masses” is becoming a reality. The beauty of the township began to expand to the beauty of the villages and the beauty of the whole region.

For example, through joint efforts of towns and villages, Zhenhai Jiulong Lake improves the comprehensive look of the surrounding villages like Wenxi and Qinshan and promotes the transformation of beautiful villages to beautiful economy. Fenghua Xiaowangmiao focuses on Tengtou Village and Qingyun Village to create an eco-cultural leisure tourism line, which has become a new business card for beautiful rural tourism; Hengxi in Yinzhou and Dayin in Yuyao will include the built-up area and surrounding villages in the scope of renovation, and strive to build a whole-scale tourism township.

Highlighting its local characteristics and exploring culture to make the small towns unique. Some townships, relying on their own unique natural resources, rich human resources, etc., combined with the renovation of small towns, further highlight the local characteristics and the rural tourism brands, such as nostalgic town Daxie, leisure walking town Hengxi, island town Qiangjiao, ancient culture town Qiantong, citrus town Xiaotang and so on. Some towns, through the rehabilitation of small towns, and further exploration of the historical context, enriched the culture and connotation of small towns.

The country landscape is picturesque. The small town renovation not only contributes to the green mountains and green hills, but also develops the local economy, laying a solid foundation for the construction of beautiful towns. Therefore, people in Ningbo have more places for rural tourism and leisure. “You will be an idiot if you do not travel in spring.” With the coming of Labor Day holiday, let’s take a look at the tourist destinations in every district (county) in Ningbo.


■ Haishu

Haishu District is close to the mountains of Siming which has the largest single bamboo forest, the most beautiful cherry blossom base, the most beautiful osmanthus base, Wulongtan scenic spot, the natural oxygen bar--Longguan, and one of the four great ancient Chinese water conservancy projects--Tashanyan. It is also the birthplace of the four great love legends—Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.

Since the comprehensive renovation of towns and villages, Haishu District has made precise efforts to consolidate its effectiveness. Among them, Zhangshui Town, Gaoqiao Town and Dongqiao Town have been rated as provincial model towns. These towns have realized beautiful transformation from the outside to the inside.

Recommendation 1: Dongqiao Town

Quan Zuwang Cultural Festival Poetry Club in Dongqiao Town


Dong Qiao is named after bridges. Relics like Dongqiao Bridge, Huiming Bridge, Wujin Temple, and Guangxi Kiln have a history over a thousand years.

Recommendation 2: Gaoqiao Town

Gaoqiao Town takes Liangzhu culture as its soul, highlights the combination of “ancient” and “modern”, and focuses on inheriting historical and cultural relics.


Yinzhou lies in the coast of East China Sea, by Yongjiang River and Dongqianhu Lake. Today, it is located in the core area of Ningbo City, with urban parks of clear waters and green banks, commercial centers with skyscapes, rural fields with flowers, and leisure community space. Since the comprehensive renovation of the small town environment, three towns of Dongwu, Jiangshan and Hengxi have won the title of provincial model town. The charming small towns are complementing each other with beautiful cities, beautiful towns and beautiful villages, and together they create a charming poetic scroll.


Recommendation 1: Hengxi Town

Tuoye Homestay in Hengxi Town,Yinzhou District


Hengxi Town has mountain and water resources such as Damei Mountain, Jin’e Mountain, Jiuyan Rock and Hengxi Reservoir. There are 26 ancient paths. Tingxi Ridge and Songshi Ridge are selected as the top ten leisure footpaths in Ningbo.

Recommendation 2: Jiangshan Town

Gutang Town, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District



Jiangbei was the location of ancient Juzhang city a thousand years ago. A hundred years ago, the Old Bund was opened to the outside world. Now, it is a current waterfront city. The old landscape of the northern banks of the two rivers has taken a new look. In the comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns, Jiangbei District combines industrial characteristics with rectification actions based on industrial reality, combines ancient building repair and cultural tourism, and effectively enhances the look of small towns and promotes the integration and development of production towns. Among them, Cicheng Town and Zhuangqiao Street were evaluated as provincial models.


Recommendation 1: Cicheng Town

Ancient buildings in Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District

As the best-preserved ancient county in the south of the Yangtze River, Cicheng has retained more than 600,000 square meters of historic buildings, 94 cultural relics protection points at all levels.

Recommendation 2: Zhuangqiao Street

Zhuangqiao Old Street is built along the river. There are ancient bridges, old trees and clean water. The ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties are especially noticeable.

■ Zhenhai

Zhenhai has a long history and brilliant culture. It is known as a coastal town, the Gateway of East Zhejiang, the Hometown of Ningbo Entrepreneurs, and the hometown of academicians. Since the comprehensive renovation of towns, Zhenhai has become more livable, more distinctive and more energetic. All five towns and streets in Zhenhai meet provincial-level standards. The district was awarded the title of Excellent County (Urban) for the comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns in the province. Xiepu Town, Jiulonghu Town and Luotuo Street were rated as provincial models. The renovated small towns have realized a beautiful transformation.

Recommendation 1: Jiulonghu Town

"Hushan Jiulong", Jiulonghu Town, Zhenhai District

Jiulonghu Town is known as “Shangri-La in East Zhejiang”.

Recommendation 2: Xiepu Town

Zhengshi Shiqifang, Xiepu, Zhenhai

■ Cixi

Cixi, the latter syllable is named after the river in the south of the city and the former one after the story in Eastern Han Dynasty that the mother is caring and son is filial. It has a long history of celadon culture and is known as the birthplace of “The Road of Marine Ceramics”.

In the comprehensive renovation of small towns, through the establishment of the “Demonstration Road, Health Town, and Standard Park”, we will strive to create “one town and one product” and realize the overall improvement of urban order, township appearance and production and city integration. Xiaolin Town, Henghe Town, Zonghan Street and Tianyuan Street were respectively evaluated as provincial models.


Recommendation 1: Longshan Town

Dapeng Town Theme Park, Longshan Town, Cixi City


Recommendation 2: Minghe Ancient Town

Minghe is the only ancient town in Cixi that has the typical Jiangnan ancient town style. It is said that the landscape there is more beautiful than that of Suzhou.

■ Beilun

Beilun District makes full use of Jiufeng Mountain, Meishan Bay, Guyuwang Temple, Lingfeng Temple and many other ecological and cultural resources to deeply explore the maritime silk road culture, Buddhist culture and Gehong cultural remains, and strive to build a series of modern cultural tourism projects such as the only 10 square kilometers of blue bay in the Yangtze River Delta, yacht base, China Port Museum, International Circuit, and Film Studio. In the comprehensive environmental renovation of small towns, efforts were made to “treat the dirty, rule the chaos, and cure the bad”. Four streets of Baifeng, Guoju, Qijiashan and Xiaogang were rated as provincial models.


Recommendation 1: Guoju Street

Guoju Street fully exploits the characteristics of coastal defense, farming, fishery, temple fairs, etc., and creates an ancient city with charm of mountains and seas.

Recommendation 2: Qijiashan Street

Jiangxin Island in Qijiashan, Beilun District


Yuyao enjoys the reputation of “the most famous county in the southeast China” and “the famous name of the literature”. It is a famous historical and cultural city in Zhejiang Province. In the comprehensive improvement of small towns, it mainly focuses on the development goals of modern and innovative ecological cities, and fully integrates the local natural features, industrial characteristics, history and culture, environmental sanitation, town façade renovation and public infrastructure construction. Simen Town, Ditang Street and Dayin Town were rated as provincial models.


Recommendation 1: Simingshan Town

Simingshan Town has national-level forest parks, provincial-level geological parks, and 6944 film and television bases. The four seasons are beautiful: spring is full of clusters of cherry blossoms, summer enjoys the cool breeze, autumn has flaming maple leaves, and winter has snow and frost views.

The unique alpine climate gives birth to rich products: fragrant alpine cloud tea, tender and tasty bamboo roots, sweet kiwi fruit, yummy chestnut, and sweet persimmon. Simingshan town is known as the natural oxygen bar and the summer resort.

Recommendation 2: Dayin Town

Dayin Town is the continuation of Hemudu Culture. Tianxia Yuyuan and Zhedong Xiaojiuzhai have long enjoyed a good reputation; Daqian Stone Carving and Simingshan Bamboo weaving have been listed in the provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage protection list.


■ Fenghua

Fenghua, with beautiful landscapes, has a long history and rich culture. There are nine small towns in the territory, including economically strong towns with developed industries and quiet mountain towns. There are also young and dynamic modern towns and ancient towns with a long history.   

In the comprehensive environmental renovation of small towns, Dayan, Xiaowangmiao, Jiangkou and Songdai were rated as provincial-level model towns, and Qiucun village was awarded the only township free of inspection in Ningbo.

Recommendation 1: Xiaowangmiao Street

The scenery of Xiaowangmiao is beautiful, with 50 intangible cultural heritages and more than 100 cultural relics.

Recommendation 2: Dayan Town


Covered Bridge, Dayan Town, Fenghua District

Dayan Town is known as the natural oxygen bar.


Ninghai County is located on the coast of the East China Sea and is surrounded by mountains. Today, the ancient healthy town is rising, with the rural homestays developing rapidly. There is a panoramic view of the island flavor.

In the comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns, the county has vigorously rectified environmental sanitation, urban order and township appearance around the goal of “improving the environment, improving the supporting facilities and promoting industry”, and was rated as an excellent demonstration county for small town renovation in the province in 2018. Yuexi Township, Qiangwei Town, Qiantong Town, Huangtan Town and Qiaotouhu Street were rated as provincial models.

Recommendation 1: Qiantong Town

Old Street, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County

Recommendation 2: Qiangjiao Town

Qiangjiao Town enjoys the reputation of “Qiandao Lake at Sea”.

■ Xiangshan

Xiangshan County is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with one side connected to the land. There are abundant marine resources, beautiful ecological environment and profound historical heritage. There are both "the strongest wind" and "the nearest sea", as well as beautiful mountains and rivers and poetic farmlands. Among the 16 townships (streets) involved in the comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns, Dingtang Town, Juexi Street, Xianyang Town and Xiaotang Township were rated as provincial models.

Recommendation 1: Juexi Street


Cross Street, Juexi Street, Xiangshan County

Recommendation 2: Qiangtang

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