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Cooperation Alliance of Celadon Voluntary Service Established in Cixi
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The Cooperation Alliance of Celadon Voluntary Service was established in the Yue Kiln Museum in Shanglinhu on May 13. Connected by celadon, the Chinese and foreign volunteers, to the number of more than 100, will vigorously carry out voluntary services including the promotion of celadon culture and voluntary tour explanation. These activities will contribute to the promotion and visibility of Yue kiln celadon culture.
Cooperation Alliance of Celadon Voluntary Service is co-established by the CCYL Committee of Qiaotou Town, Cultural Relic Preservation Department in Yue Kiln in Shanglinhu and the CCYL Committee of Zhejiang Business Technology Institute. By implementing such a 3-party cooperation, a cultural voluntary service brand can be set up.
In the opening ceremony of the establishment of the alliance, the mascot of celadon voluntary services “Small Green Rice Ball” made its first public appearance. The image of mascot is based on celadon octagonal kalasa, combining celadon, youth and voluntary services, which is a harmonious combination of yue kiln celadon culture and young volunteers.
The spokespeople of “Small Green Rice Ball” include not only League members from higher institutions, communities and rural areas, but also foreign teachers from foreign language clubs. “Yue kiln celadon is a treasure of Cixi culture.” said Peter from America. By engaging in voluntary services, they can introduce and promote yue kiln celadon and make more voices from Cixi heard.
The host of the activity also launched a celadon cultural experience activity. Guided by volunteers, tourists explored the birth of origin of yue kiln celadon and appreciated Ouyue music and dance, which allowed them to experience the unique charm of yue kiln celadon.

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