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Daxie Port Area has Passed the Review for International Health Ports for One Year
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By the end of April 2019, Daxie Port Area had passed the international health port review for a whole year. During the past year, thanks to the communal efforts made by Daxie Customs and other related departments, Daxie Port Area has managed to improve its core health ability, investment environment, and economic benefit.
Daxie Port Area, starting its international health port construction at the end of 2008, was the first in Ningbo to bid for the title of international health port. After three years’ of arduous work, it finally passed the field test from WHO in March 2011, becoming the first provincial, and the fifth national international health port. In April 2018, it became China’s first port to pass the review from WHO.
“After passing the review, the port now has better core health ability, stronger prevention at keeping international infectious diseases from entering China from the coast, and higher resistance in handling risks,” said a responsible person in Daxie Customs.
Efforts made to win the title of international health port have not only improved its health ability, but brought more economic benefits to the port.
In 2018, Daxie Development Area has signed investment contracts with foreign companies that are worth of 176.48 million USD, a year-on-year rise of 790%; local revenue reaches 16.601 billion, a year-on-year increase of 18.6%; port cargo throughput and container throughput register 97.468 million tons, and 3.455127 million respectively, going up 6.5% and 9.1% compared with the same period of time last year; imported crude oil has surmounted 30 million tons for five consecutive years since 2014.

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