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Ningbo symphony orchestra performs during the music season
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On the evening of May 12, the Ningbo symphony orchestra held a music season performance, in which two famous musicians, Yu Hai and Chen Guang, were invited to perform.

The conductor of the performance is Yu Hai, a famous conductor, the chairman of the Chinese Music Association, and the former head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Military Orchestra. Yu has served as the conductor of National Day celebration and grand military parade for many times. The first half of the show was Mussorgsky Picture Exhibition, an audible “art exhibition” inspired by the author’s participation in the exhibition of Russian painter and architect Hartmann. The piano composition was created in June 1874. Mr. Yu’s excellent performance of simple and generous, combining firmness and softness deeply impressed the orchestra players and the audience.

The second half of the performance is “A Big Trumpet Concerto in A Major”, one of the three trumpet concertos in the world. The performer Chen Guang, Professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, professor of the Orchestral Department, party secretary of the Orchestral Department, the chief trumpet of the China National Symphony Orchestra, and the chief trumpet of China Philharmonic, is known as one of the most talented trumpet players in China. The combination and collision of excellent conductor and performances constantly pushes the warm atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

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