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Ningbo holds Talent Day activities
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From 2019, the "Grain Rain" day will become the Talent Day for Ningbo.
Then why is such a talent day set? Why does it fall on the "Grain Rain" day? And What are the contents and features of the first Talent Day for Ningbo?
Talent Day: a special day for the talent
To pay tribute to the talent, Ningbo will celebrate the Talent Day with its sincerity to the talent all over the world.
Ningbo has attracted a range of talents, from the frontline operators of the gantry cranes at the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port to the researchers climbing to the global sci-tech peaks, from the construction workers of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge to the private entrepreneurs of listed enterprises who have started as heads of township enterprises, from the foreign traders flying all over the world to the craftsmen who inherit the intangible cultural heritage items of Ningbo, and from the ordinary policemen to the dedicated volunteers.
Since the start of the reform and opening-up policy, talented people from different places have come to Ningbo to pursue their dreams, making the city an inhabitable place of "happiness, peace and love".
What stands out from this magnificent historical scene is not only the hard work of people from all walks of life but also the hardworking, pragmatic and practical spirit of the people.
A looking-back to the past shows that talent is the first drive for development. And the current situation of the city indicates that Ningbo is more in need of talents and better able to guarantee their success than ever before.
Over the past year, with the goal of "attracting talent with openness and gathering intelligence with industries", Ningbo has upgraded its talent plans, talent projects, talent policies and talent platforms on an overall basis. With its efforts to build an optimal ecological for talent development, Ningbo has been attracting more distinguished people of talent in many aspects.
In 2018, a total of 83,000 college graduates were introduced to Ningbo, up by 18.9% over the previous year. The net talent inflow rate stood at 10.08%, ranking No.2 among all the major cities in China, with the rate for the manufacturing industry ranking No.1 among all the industries. Meanwhile, the city witnessed a doubled growth of introducing leading talent and top talent. For example, nine full-time academicians were introduced from home and abroad, and the breakthrough was made in the return of the academician of Ningbo origin.
"Despite the achievements, we still have a long way to go to enable more talents to know better about Ningbo and settle down in Ningbo. The purpose of having such a talent day is to guarantee the building of overall brand for talent work in the city, as well as the building of an appealing talent environment." said a person in charge from the Talent Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee.
Inclusiveness: growing with the city
As the Chinese saying goes, the rain helps the grains to grow. As an important solar term at the turn of spring and summer, the Grain Rain day embodies vitality and growth.
"Growing with Ningbo", the slogan of Ningbo's talent work, means that talents are closely connected with Ningbo's development and they can grow together with the city.
To celebrate the first Talent Day, in accordance with the principal of "all-area, all-time, all-brand and all-media coverage", Ningbo will carry out 31 activities at the main venue in the week around April 20. The total number of activities will exceed 100, if the sub-venue activities in all the districts, counties and development zones are taken into consideration. 
Some activities focus on the high-end talents with international vision and entrepreneurial appeal, like the release of policies for young talents, the road-show of local young talents, PHDs entering private enterprises, the release of the guidebook for young talents (Chinese and English versions), and the "Belt and Road" forum for young scholars.
Some activities are to attract the new graduates and young people looking for a job, such as the operation of the International Young Talent Community and Young Talent Station, the release of the micro-film "Choosing Ningbo for a Better Future", the "Time Courtyard" Youth Reading Salon, the "Go! Talent" marathon race, and the youth debate.
As the saying goes, all you need is a right place and a right person. For the talented people to show and develop themselves, a right city is of great importance.
"We hope to take advantage of the Talent Day activities to convey to the outside Ningbo's thirst for talents, make the local talents aware of the respect of the city, and broaden the city's reputation and prestige, thus attracting more talents to settle down in Ningbo." said a person in charge from the Talent Office.
Of course, Ningbo is not the first city to have such a talent day.
Shenzhen, known as "city of talent" and "capital of innovation", celebrated its first Talent Day on November 1, 2017, and built the first "Talent Park" in China. Then, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang and Jiaxing gradually established their Talent Days.
With those examples before and followers behind, Ningbo is now promoting its "Six Battles and Three-year Development" action. With the aim of "taking the lead in high-quality development", Ningbo will strive to enhance the speed, temperature and passion for talent services.
"If we compare talents to trees, the city is just like a rain forest, and the sunshine, soil, air and rain can help the growth of the trees. We hope to attract more talents to Ningbo to pursue their dreams and Ningbo will provide them better environment for growth, thus achieving the mutual development and growth of the city and talents." said the person in charge from the Talent Office.
Sincerity: helping talented people to realize their dreams
Also on April 20, the Yongjiang Talent Innovation Center, located at the planning zone of the Science and Innovation Corridor of the core area of the Eastern New Town, was put into operation. The center, with its geographical advantage of the administrative, financial and cultural center, aims to attract the agglomeration of talent, technology, capital and information, serving as a symbolic and demonstrative platform for intelligence gathering and innovative development.
With the concept of "center without border", the talent innovation center will establish the "talent bank", which will offer a total mortgage-free non-secured credit loan of one million yuan for the entrepreneurial talents and teams that are included in the city and county talent plans in the following three years, providing strong financial support for the enterprises in need.
To attract more talents and give full play to their abilities, Ningbo is making collective efforts from the whole city to build itself a place where various kinds of talents can make their dreams come true.
A series of talent-attracting platforms have helped to enhance Ningbo's reputation home and abroad, including the 3315 series plans, the Talent, Science and Technology Week, the Overseas Engineers Conference, the Global Ningbo Commercial Group Conference, and the China Robot Summit. The 358 enterprises founded by the "3315" talents have maintained an average annual growth rate of over 30% for sales volume and tax revenue, with 41 of them having a corporate valuation of over 100 million yuan and three getting listed on the stock market.
Ningbo was approved as the demonstration zone for independent innovation, and the science and innovation corridor and the front bay new zone were included in the Greater Bay Construction planning of the province. Over the past year, a dozen of new campuses of renowned colleges or universities, graduate schools and research institutions settled down in Ningbo, and the capacity of the talent platforms of Ningbo continued to increase.
In 2018, Ningbo launched the "1 + X" series policies for the construction of talent ecology, including the "30 terms for talent attraction and industrial agglomeration" as well as the special policies for introducing top talents, building a friendly city for the youth, cultivating skilled talents, promoting the intelligence return and guaranteeing the lives of talents. Special talents were also made for the young talents, who represent the future competitiveness of the city.
Also in 2018, Ningbo took the lead in Zhejiang Province in the introduction of the 26 policies for strengthening contact between the party committees and experts realizing the "three all coverage" of city and county leaders contacting academicians of Ningbo origin, experts in Ningbo and high-end talent enterprise, and the "ten free service items" for scenic spots, fitness centers, public traffic, etc. Since the start of the "free-service policy" seven months ago, the experts concerned have had free access to 120,000 bus or subway trips, 4,000 fitness center visits and 1,000 sightseeing services.
From traffic problems and project application to the building of the platforms and issuing of policies, Ningbo is conveying its sincerity in respecting talents and serve talents.
"I have some friends working in the jointly managed universities in other cities and they are always complaining that they cannot fit in the local life. It is not the case in Ningbo. So I often advise them to come to Ningbo, because it is really very good living here." said Marina, a foreign teacher of the University of Nottingham, Ningbo.
Why not come to Ningbo and grow together with it? Just come on this Grain Rain Day!
Ningbo to build the "friendly city for the youth"
The ambition of the youth may decide the altitude of a city and the passion of the youth may be the pulse of a city's development.
The "friendly city for the youth" is one of the major talent brands of Ningbo. With a series of special measures, the city will attract the young elite, young returned talents, the young entrepreneurs, the young college graduates and the young technical talents, building it as a city to attract, encourage and appeal to the youth.
In late 2018, Ningbo launched the "1 +X" series measures for the talent ecological construction, like the "on Ningbo's implementation of building a friendly city for the youth by attracting global youth talents". On April 20, 2019, the first Talent Day, Ningbo will release the special young talent policies in both Chinese and English, as a sincere invitation to the young talents all over the world.

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