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Green transportation in Ningbo
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Xi’ao’ling Tunnel Section of Taihe Road in Beilun. (Photo by Ningbo Municipal Transportation Bureau)

Green is the most attractive background in beautiful China, and traffic is the most beautiful landscape in the city.

A green transportation city should be characterized by a complete and orderly transportation structure and organization; green and intensive transportation; clean and efficient transportation equipment and transportation infrastructure, which integrates people, goods, vehicles, boats, roads and ports into a whole, forming a beautiful and fresh city.

In 2015, with the approval of Ministry of Transport, Ningbo officially started its construction of a green transportation city, with the theme of “constructing integrated green transportation and building a smart and beautiful port city”, adhering to the government guidance, with the enterprises as main body, and giving full play to policy guidance.


Since 2011, the accumulated municipal energy-saving and emission-reduction subsidies for transportation has exceeded 150 million yuan, driving enterprises to invest more than 10 billion yuan, giving full play to the leveraged benefits of fiscal funds, and promoting the responsibility of transportation enterprises to fulfill their green development.

Strengthen policy guidance, project support; promote project-driven industry and industry-driven development, and put efforts in the elimination of backward transportation equipment, technology upgrading and green environmental protection, and ensure the successful completion of green transportation city. Since the start of the construction, the key support projects have completed an investment of 6.8 billion yuan, which can annually save energy by 44,000 tons of standard coal, replace the fuel quantity by 79,000 tons of standard oil, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000 tons.

In the process of building a green transportation city, Ningbo has set the following goals: green port, road beautification, fast transportation, and effective management. In the pre-assessment of the transportation department of Zhejiang Province, experts agreed that high-quality construction and efficient management in Ningbo have achieved significant energy-saving and emission reduction effects and good social benefits, and strongly supported the establishment of Zhejiang Green Transportation Province. It has played a leading role in the development of urban green transportation.

Green traffic dreams have become a reality in Ningbo.


Round-domed coal bunker in Daxie Wanhua Wharf. (Photo by Ningbo Municipal Transportation Bureau)

■Green will be the new color of the Oriental Port

Three years ago, a large container ship with a capacity of 13,000 TEUs, "COSCO Denmark" was anchored by Ningbo Zhoushan Port, and then the container ship was smoothly connected to the port power grid at the Far East Terminal. The first frequency conversion ship-shore power project in Zhejiang Province was officially put into use. The project was listed by the Ministry of Transport as one of the first batch of shore-electric energy alternative demonstration projects for port ships.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is one of the hub ports in the country. It has more than 600 routes connecting more than 100 countries around the world. Its annual cargo throughput exceeds 1 billion tons, and its annual container throughput exceeds more than 26 million TEU, ranking first and third in the world respectively.

Now, in addition to the Far East Terminal, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has built 94 sets of low-voltage shore power systems and 6 sets of high-voltage shore power systems, and 9 ships have completed the use of shore power technology transformation. The number of shore power points, coverage and average annual number of ships receiving electricity are among the highest in the country.

On the morning of December 25, 2018, the first dual fuel tugboat of Ningbo Zhoushan Port in the country, was successfully launched. The application of dual-fuel tugboat fully embodies the development concept of low-carbon, green and environmental protection. It is driven by two fuel engines which can realize the mutual conversion of diesel and natural gas (LNG) fuel. The fuel replacement rate can be as high as 90%. When using the gas mode, the overall reduction of emissions of sulfur oxides, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, etc. is a representative product of ship upgrading in China's ports. In addition, the port area fully implements clean energy transportation equipment. By the end of 2018, it has invested more than 650 LNG container trucks, ranking first in China’s ports and using more than 16,000 tons of natural gas annually.


On the large loading and unloading equipment such as bridge cranes and gantry cranes, there is basically a small box installed. Despite its small size, it can timely recycle the energy released by these “big guys” into the AC grid to improve energy efficiency.

During the establishment period, the accumulated investment exceeded 43 million yuan to implement the energy feedback technology transformation. The application rate of large-scale port machinery energy feedback technology exceeded 90%, the annual average saved energy was 1400 tons of standard coal, and the carbon dioxide emission reduction was 2900 tons.

In the process of creating a green port, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has invested more than 1.1 billion yuan. It has continuously innovated in upgrading the production automation level of ports, promoting energy-saving technologies, and applying clean energy equipment, and has gradually embarked on a green transformation and upgrading road.


Sanmen Bay Bridge (Photo by Ningbo Municipal Transportation Bureau)

■To build picturesque roads

Xiangshan Port in the south of Ningbo has one of the most beautiful bays, with the sparkling sea surface reflecting the green mountains and the Sanmen Bay Bridge crossing harbors and tidal lands such as Huchen Port, Liyang Port, Qingshan Port and Shepan Waterway.

The Sanmen Bay Bridge and its wiring routes employ the concept of “excellent quality and beautiful outlook, green environmental protection, intelligent and efficient, and high quality service” throughout the whole process of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, managing and operating. In the project design, the protection of the scenic villages and seashore along the line has been strengthened, and the damage and impact of the project construction on the ecological environment along the line have been minimized, while avoiding damaging the valuable hinterland resources along the line; adjustments have been made to avoid the pollution of the drinking water source, Xikou Reservoir.

In the project construction, the stone excavated by the tunnel is selected, crushed and processed as the machine-made sand and stone-filled roadbed material, which saves the engineering cost and reduces the waste and land occupation. The highway becomes a part of the nature, and the Sanmen Bay Bridge wins the reputation of “Expressway of Mountains and Sea”. It also reserves space for the development of the sea and land in Sanmen Bay New Area, accelerating the development of the marine economy. It has become a provincial “quality project” pilot project for the construction of highway and water transportation and also become one of the top ten key projects of the first batch of “two beautiful” merit-based competitions in Zhejiang Province.


The splendid expressways and the ordinary highways which are the beautiful economic traffic corridors drive the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of Ningbo and the improvement of people's livelihood.

At present, the city has completed the construction of 1,823 kilometers’ beautiful economic traffic corridors and 575 kilometers’ quality road demonstration corridors. It is an important starting point for the science and technology industrial corridors, ecological economic corridors, natural landscape corridors, green ecological corridors and historical humanities corridors; the city has also promoted the development and construction of 4A scenic spots, characteristic towns, economic development zones, characteristic boutique villages and rural tourism clusters. Ningbo has built a number of provincial-level demonstration districts (cities) of beautiful economic corridors such as Xiangshan and Jiangbei.

The application of new technologies, new materials, new process and new equipment like energy-saving lighting technology on roads, bridges and tunnels, rubber asphalt, foam asphalt energy-saving technology on the road, vehicle over-limit overload and non-stop pre-inspection management system makes Ningbo more beautiful because of "green". 

At the same time, with the support of non-stop pre-inspection management system for vehicle over-limit and overload, a long-term management mechanism for over-limit and overload with “government-guidance, hierarchical responsibility, territorial management, joint law enforcement, comprehensive management, and treatment of both the symptoms and the root causes” was established. Non-on-site law enforcement, laws and regulations construction, and illegal modification of vehicle are leading in the country. More than 30 provincial and municipal transportation and public security departments have visited Ningbo in the past. The management has been fully affirmed by the leaders of the Ministry of Transport.


Urban public bicycles. (Photo by Ningbo Municipal Transportation Bureau)

■To accelerate transportation speed

Green transportation is a public and the most popular welfare for the people. Many people in Ningbo who travel through the city are used to riding public bicycles, sharing bicycles or taking “micro-bus” to the subway station, and then taking the subway to work. The “four-in-one” urban public transportation system of rail transit, regular public transport, public bicycles and taxis provides a strong guarantee for people's green travel and convenient travel.

Of course, people’s feeling of public transportation is more than that. New vehicles, clean energy, and convenient payment are important reasons why Ningbo people like to take public transportation. In Ningbo, two-thirds of the buses are clean energy or new energy vehicles. In December 2017, Ningbo launched the pilot project of urban public transport integrated payment terminal equipment and realized full coverage of various payment for more than 600 bus routes and 7,973 buses in the city within just over half a year. The daily mobile payment travel is over 180,000 person/times.


It is convenient for People to travel and for goods to flow smoothly. Container pick-up reservation system speeds up Ningbo low-carbon logistics. Beginning in 2016, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, with the government's public logistics information platform model, has facilitated the formation of efficient business collaboration systems between the yard companies and fleets, drivers, freight forwarders and other container users through the Internet platform. Since then, the booking and unpacking system has been continuously enriched.

In December 2018, the paperless container export was put into operation at Ningbo Port Terminal. It has successfully docked with 80% of the shipping companies, all the 28 yards outside the port and 1300 actual container users. It plans to fully realize the paperless export in the first half of 2019.

According to estimates, after the whole process of paperless transportation in Ningbo Zhoushan Port, it can save 2.4 million liters of fuel (about 2,940 tons of standard coal), reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5.4 million kilograms, and reduce the amount of paper by 7.2 million. Canet, Chairman of EU Climate Action and Energy Commission and Xie Zhenhua, special Representative of China Climate Change fully affirmed Ningbo's approach.


■Efficient management

On December 18, 2018, the first double-deck container sea-rail intermodal train in China - Ningbo Zhoushan Port to Shaoxing double-deck container train, successfully launched. The double-deck container train uses a special vehicle bottom with a stronger carrying capacity. Compared with the ordinary single-layer freight train, the traffic volume can be increased by more than 30%. Currently, only a few countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia have this type of train.

Through effective guidance, Ningbo has become a city with the largest increase in domestic sea-rail combined transport. In 2018, it completed 602,000 TEUs, an increase of 50.2% year-on-year, and the traffic volume ranking rose to the third place in the country. Since the opening of the Chongqing-Ningbo sea-rail line in January 2018, the export of sea-rail combined transport has been highly praised by customers for its efficient transportation, convenient access to the sea and excellent service. By the end of March 2019, the total number of trains has reached 160, and the container volume was 19,472 TEUs. The launch of Chongqing-Ningbo export train will effectively protect the Yangtze River resources, ease the congestion of the Yangtze River, solve the problem of difficult shipments, and thus create a fast logistics channel.


Next, Ningbo Zhoushan Port will open a sea and rail intermodal import train, connecting the “One Belt” of Chongqing, Xinjiang and Europe and “one road” of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, forming a “two-way, sea and rail, and dual” pattern. The Ningbo Container Sea-rail Combined Transportation Internet of Things Application Demonstration Project has passed the special inspection and acceptance of the Ministry of Transport and obtained the title of the Informationization Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Transport.


Develop smart transportation, strengthen new energy research and development and application, and strengthen green transportation publicity... A series of innovative and efficient management methods are adopted to promote Ningbo's urban green transportation from “single” to “integration” and “priority” to “preferred”. From the "quantity change" to the "quality change" big leap, by the end of 2018, the green transportation system will be basically built, and the ecological civilization construction will be integrated into all areas of transportation and the whole process, providing strong support for the beautiful Ningbo construction.

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