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US Lanson joins hands with Ningbo Music Port
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The Lanson International Music Festival in the United States and the Ningbo Music Port signed on the afternoon of March 11th, accompanied by the excited saxophone quartet of four American musicians. The two sides will strengthen cooperation in music innovation, talent training, music education, etc., and hold a mass election event in Ningbo this year to select young talents to study and perform in US.

Founded in 2011 in California, the Lanson International Music Festival is one of the three most famous classical music festivals in US.

The technological innovation of Lanson Music (Ningbo, Zhejiang), will strive to free music from the limitations of equipment and venues, and use technology to better integrate into daily life. Frankson, the head of Lanson, said that they are developing mobile software and instruments that can project the piano on the family table to meet the learning needs of families without physical pianos.

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