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Tourists celebrate Chinese New Year by Travelling
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On the third day of Chinese New Year, it rained and temperature dropped in Ningbo, but the Gulou Pedestrian Street was vivacious, with throngs of tourists. (Photo by Zhou Jianping)

New Year's blessing, family fun, rural visit... According to the statistics of the Municipal Cultural Radio and Tourism Bureau on February 7, since Lunar New Year's Eve to the third day of Lunar New Year, the number of tourists in the major scenic spots in the city exceeded 1 million, with a slight increase compared with the same period in 2018.

During the Spring Festival, the street of Cixi Minghe Ancient Town were hung with red lanterns. It also set up a blessing corridor to attract tourists to pray for blessings and filming family portraits. Xianfo Valley of Dapeng Mountain held a New Year’s blessing in the start point of Xu Fu’s voyage to the East China Sea. Visitors will get a blessing sachet as a gift. According to statistics, in the first four days of the Spring Festival holiday, the main tourist attractions in Cixi received 590,000 tourists, the largest in the city. In Xiangshan, Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City held “Golden Pigs for Blessing” and other lucky draws. China’s Ocean Film Studio held a lantern night to pray for the blessing. And tourists can get a family photograph for free. In the first four days, the local tourists accounted for nearly 60%. Tourists also came from other provinces such as Anhui and Jiangsu, accounting for 20% of all tourists.

During the holiday, friends and families stay together for reunion. Travel has become their primary option for the Spring Festival. In the former site of the East Zhejiang Anti-Japanese Base (Simingshan) in Yuyao, many parents took their children to participate in the red cultural knowledge prize-winning question and answer activity, and received a revolutionary tradition education on the Red Radio as a “small anchor”. In Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Fangte Oriental Painting New Year Temple opens its doors to welcome the spring, 500,000 lanterns hung and lit for the Chinese New Year; Happy Island staged a colorful sea lion carnival, parents and children watching the cute pets, magic balloon show, and walking along the flavor food street. It is of great fun. Celebrations in Jiangbei Cicheng Ancient County include "bite spring" to taste five bitterness on the day of “the Beginning of Spring”, peach flower show, and drama show, etc.

Spring is back and can be felt everywhere. In the rural fields of Ningbo, the newly built rural-city tourist demonstration area and scenic villages have become the best choice for tourists to experience folk customs and homesickness. With the help of natural beauty, Fenghua Dayan has launched a campaign of Spring Festival in the countryside. Shanghai's middle-aged and old tourists come here, staying at the B&B, taking a walk on the ancient roads, enjoying seafood and landscape. The rural experience of picking and eating vegetables in farmhouses in Qinshan, Guangming and Shiqifang Villages in Zhenhai has attracted many tourists. The Dongqian Lake Water Tent Base and Xiashui Wetland Park held activities such as “Pigs’ Camp” and “Pig and Rabbit”, which are full of fun.

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