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Ningbo launches the “sports+park”mode
Yongjiang Football Park invested by private capital
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(Picture from the Sports Bureau of Jiangbei District)

Jiangbei District took the lead in launching a pilot program of “sports + parks” to facilitate fitness. In only three years, the per capita sports area of the district led the city. As its experience has been fully affirmed, the province’s conference to promote sports parks and facilities into the park has recently been held in there.

Both leisure and fitness

Due to the backward sports infrastructure, Jiangbei was the last of the 11 districts (cities) in the city in the establishment of Zhejiang Sports County (city, district). In order to promote all-round development, the district decided to promote it from the height of improving the quality of life of the people and enhancing the soft power of the region.

Building venues and facilities in urban areas is not only costly, but the process is extremely complex. Therefore, the district decided to explore a high-efficiency and low-cost construction model. It means that when constructing a park, according to the surrounding environment and the needs of the masses, the sports department integrates sports facilities and elements into the park construction, so that the park has both leisure functions and fitness.

Jiangbei Riverside Sports Park, with a total investment of 400 million yuan, was launched in 2016 and is one of the most invested and largest parks in the district. The construction of the park was supported and assisted by the District Sports Bureau and the District Government. There are 7 basketball courts, 2 cage football fields, 4 gas volleyball courts and 1 gate court along the 1.4 km long fitness trail in the park. In 2018, the greenbelt along the Jiangbei section of the Qinglin Bay Bridge needs to be greened. After repeated coordination by relevant departments, some areas along the line have been transformed into fitness venues such as 4 tennis courts, 2 cage football fields and 2 basketball courts.

At present, the Wantou E Sports Park, funded by China Resources Group, integrates the concept of national fitness into greening, including 2 cage football fields, 2 table tennis courts, 3 tennis courts, 1 basketball court and skateboarding square, as well as children’s activity areas, featured sports areas, jogging tracks, etc.

After achieving success in the construction of “sports + parks”, Jiangbei District expanded its thinking and opened up new modes such as “sports + business”, “sports + leisure” and “sports + landscapes”.

Some of the dismantled unused land and corners were planned to be built into a number of national fitness venues.

Through the “Sports + Landscape”, the Yaojiang River Embankment Greenway, the Yongjiang Sports Corridor, the Cijiang Greenway Fitness Trail and the Cycling Road with a total length of 36 kilometers were built. In addition, there is a Beishan Leisure Trail with a total length of more than 80 kilometers and a Wuhu Cycleway with a total length of 27 kilometers.

In the past three years, Jiangbei District has about 20 sports parks that have been built or are about to be put into use. The per capita sports area of the district has reached 2.56 square meters as of the end of 2018, which has exceeded the target of 2.2 square meters of per capita sports area at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. In 2019, the district will also plan to build a number of projects such as mountain bike parks and water sports theme parks.

Active functional and flexible investment

The development of sports in Jiangbei District has been advancing steadily, and its three-year-increasing is worth learning.

The guidence is effectient. In order to develop sports and meet people's growing needs for a better life, Jiangbei District has successively issued several heavyweight documents. In 2016, the “13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Sports in Jiangbei District” was issued. In 2017, the “Jiangbei District National Fitness Program (2016-2020)” was launced. In 2018, the “Healthy Jiangbei 2030 Action Plan” was issued. In addition to the guiding opinions, many rigid requirements have been proposed. For example, the “Healthy Jiangbei 2030 Action Plan” clearly regards the sports ground facilities as mandatory indicators, which is included in the land transfer, residential development design, and supporting acceptance.

The functional department takes the initiative. The sports department is often regarded as a “weak sector”, but the Jiangbei District Sports Bureau is active in the planning, design, completion and acceptance of sports facilities in new parks and residential areas. Recently, the District Sports Bureau pointed out the problem of a stadium has not reached the standard and and asked for rectification. At present, the development and construction units are actively rectifying. At the same time, the construction of sports grounds is the main indicator for the assessment of sports work in towns (streets). The towns finished well will gain financial support and the towns finished poorly will be warned or criticized. A number of township street sports parks have been built, such as Cicheng New City Sports Park, Hongtang Sports Culture Park and Zhuangqiao Shangshao Sports Park.

Relevant departments work together. In the construction of sports venues and sports infrastructure, various departments of Jiangbei District cooperated, regarding the construction of sports venues and sports facilities as an important part of the people’s welfare. The person in charge of the Jiangbei District Sports Bureau said, “If there is no support and cooperation from relevant departments, the construction of sports facilities in our district will not have the effect today.”

The capital investment is flexible and diverse. The construction of sports venues and sports facilities requires a large amount of capital investment. The financial revenue of Jiangbei District is not in the front of the city (county). After several years of exploration, the district has formed a investment mode in the construction of stadiums.

Timely Promotion

Making Physical Exercises Easier Than Ever

After being practiced in Jiangbei District, the model of “sports + parks” proved effective in providing venue for physical exercises for residents. Since constructive work has been done in top-level design, capital investment, implementation method and operation mode in Jiangbei District, some experts reckon that now it’s time to promote this model in Ningbo.

  The advantage of the models of “sports + parks” and “sports +”is that the sports parks lie close to residential areas, and that they are within walking distance from where people live and  that no land needs to be set aside for the implementation of these models. Therefore, the models will not cost much, but they can produce quick results. Some property developers are willing to invest in that sports parks can raise the value of neighboring residential areas. What’s more, not only will we make use of land resources but we will also help improve city environment because the sports parks will be constructed on idle land after demolition or under viaducts where it’s dirty and messy.

It’s known that the construction of sports parks in some other places has seen encouraging progress. For example, the Xidahe Sports Park in New Town in Zhenhai District and Binjiang Sports Park in Ningbo Nation Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone have already become the must-go locations for nearby residents.

General Administration of Sports of China and Sport Bureau of Zhejiang Province are also concerned about the model of “sports + parks”. General Administration of Sports of China has established standards for the implementation of the model of “sports + parks” while Sport Bureau of Zhejiang Province is soliciting opinions for the requirements and subsidy system of the implementation of the model, and the subsidy is up to 1 million yuan. Ningbo government released an announcement in October last year, clarifying that green spaces must take up no less than 5 percent of the area of sports parks, both new and rebuilt ones, which serves as strong support for the implementation of the model of “sports + parks”.

It is pointed out by some experts that this model can even be extended to existing parks and residential areas. In Ningbo, many parks lie in central urban area and close to residential areas, but most of them are not equipped with sports centers or facilities because they were constructed a long time ago. However, such parks happen to places where residents badly need places for physical exercises. Experts call on the government to strengthen communication and coordination and upgrade and rebuild those parks so that they can take on a new look amid the implementation of the model of “sports + parks”.

 In addition, when implementing this model, we can gain more knowledge about investment mechanism where financial sector is responsible for the budget, other sectors for sports facilities, towns for arrangement and villages for venue, and take measures in accordance to local conditions to enhance sports centers and sports facilities in old residential areas. This way we can make physical exercises and sports more convenient and accessible for people.

 Experts also remind that we should not lose sight of service management when the construction of sports centers and facilities is in progress. Through the combination of online intelligent management and offline volunteer service, we can make most of our sports centers and facilities.

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