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Tourists experience “nostalgic tourism” in Fenghua
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During the Spring Festival holiday, by combining culture and tourism, the key scenic areas and the village scenic spots of Fenghua District launched a variety of celebration activities, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy the “nostalgic tourism”. The whole district received 2.0153 million visits, with the tourism revenue of 1.471 billion yuan, up by 40.92% and 49.86% respectively over the same period of last year, with the growth rate ranking No.1 among all the districts and counties of the city.

The Ecological Folk Customs and Food Park of Tengtou Village, integrating such functions as cultural tourism, rural life, folk customs and good food, the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province, opened its door to the public during the spring festival. With the on-site interaction with masters of intangible cultural heritage items from all over the country, over 680,000 tourists experienced the traditional Spring Festival celebrations and local customs. The “cloth dragon dance” activity hosted by Fenghua District Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Film, Sports and Tourism became the “first impression” of the tourists in experiencing the Spring Festival customs of the district. The Huangxian Scenic Area greeted the tourists with the “dragon lantern show”, while over 100 foreign friends from such countries as Russia, Germany and the UK came to the Matou Village to experience in person such Spring Festival folk customs as making flour figures, making sugar paintings, cooking rice cakes and composing spring couplets. The 2nd Rural New Year Festival of Dayan Town, with the traditional singing and dancing performance, attracted about 30,000 tourists over the 7-day holiday.

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