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Cultural tourism brisk in Ningbo during Spring Festival holiday
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This year’s Spring Festival holiday sees the prosperity of the cultural tourism activities in Ningbo and the growth of the number of tourists. According to the departments of culture, broadcasting, TV & film, sports and tourism, from February 4 to 10, Ningbo received a total of about five million visits, up by 8% over the same period of last year, and the tourism revenue exceeded three billion yuan, up by about 10%.

To attract more tourists, all the districts or counties this year gave priority to the integration of traditional folk customs and the Spring Festival celebrations. The Spring Festival activity of the Cicheng Ancient Town Scenic Area, with the five blocks of solar terms, sceneries, folk customs, food and handcrafts, attracted a number of tourists for opera appreciation and Chinese knot making. The Hongyang Village of Huangtan Town and the Stone Village of Ninghai County greeted the tourist with their well-kept ancient village sceneries, rural dishes and local customs, achieving a homestay occupancy rate of over 90%. The celebration activities of the Luting Township and the festive gala of the Hengkantou Village of Liangnong Town of Yuyao County also attracted a great amount of tourists. Such tourism-related enterprises as the Waxberry Hot Spring Villa and the New Century Hotel launched such Spring Festival activities as making sugar-coated fruit on a stick, soybean powder sugar and mung bean cakes, lion dances, and making lanterns.

As for the urban districts, some businesses carried out a lot of unique cultural tourist activities in joint efforts with the tourism-related enterprises, providing the citizens good venues for festival leisure. Such historic and cultural blocks as the Drum Tower area and the Nantang Ancient Street attracted over 550,000 visits. The Tianyi Pavilion Museum and the Moonlake Park area launched the lantern show and a range of festive celebration activities, and the Tianyi Pavilion Museum received 42,000 visits during the holiday, up by 7% over the same period of last year. The Ningbo Science Exploration Center, with such activities as the “time travel” theme exhibition, the scientific experiment show and the “slow delivery of time” activity, attracted over 10,000 parents and their children. At the Ningbo Ocean World, the newly opened “Chinese Sturgeon Hall” helped to attract 35,700 tourists during the seven-day holiday.

The improvement of the traffic network and the construction of the holistic tourism make it possible for more tourists to experience the unique Spring Festival styles of the rural areas of Ningbo. For example, the opening of the freeway from Ningbo to Sanmen has activated the Spring Festival tourism of the Qiangtou Town, Maoyang Township and Shipu Town of Xiangshan County. Among others, the Maoyang Township attracted over 110,000 visits with its “happy one-day tour” program during the holiday, up by 37.2% over the same period of last year. The Zhaobao Mountain Scenic Area, in the suburban area of Ningbo, launched such activities as the Spring Festival gala performance, drum playing, collecting “blessings” for awards, attracting a number of citizens. The celebration activities of Ningbo Botanical Garden, the Former Houses of the Zhengs, and the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area mainly appealed to the tourists from such surrounding cities as Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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