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The 21st China Plastic Expo opens in Yuyao
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On November 5th, it was learned from relevant news conferences that from November 6th to 9th, the 21st China Plastics Expo will be held in Yuyao.

This year's plastics fair adheres to the theme of “Gather to share future”, featuring “new products, new applications, and shaping a new future”.With an exhibition area of 42,000 square meters and 2000 booths, there are three major exhibition areas: plastic materials, plastic machinery and machine tool molds. At the same time, it highlights industry guidance and the advantages of local industry, and establishes three major exhibition halls of large petrochemical enterprises, modified plastics of China Plastics City and smart plastic machinery, and two thematic zones: automobile lightweight (plastics) and new products and new technologies.  

There are two main activities and three supporting activities in this exhibition. The main activities include the 21st China Plastics Expo held in Yuyao Zhongsu International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 6th to 9th, and the 15th International Forum on China Plastics Industry Development held at Ningbo Pacific Hotel from November 4th to 5th.The three supporting activities include: science and technology exchange activities with the theme of "smart manufacturing", related project promotion matchmaking activities and signing ceremony of investment promotion projects, as well as special procurement matchmaking meetings, order fairs, talent recruitment meetings, etc.

This year's Plastic Expo has made new efforts in improving the professionalization of the exhibition, strengthening the internationalization of the forum, and diversifying supporting activities. According to its own positioning and market and industry development needs, this exhibition pays special attention to the investment promotion of well-known enterprises and high-end brand enterprises of intelligent machinery and modified plastic materials.  

It is learned that there are 367 companies registered in the exhibition in 2019, including 125 special-purpose enterprises, accounting for 34%. In the exhibition area setting, the “New Product and New Technology Exhibition Theme Zone” was newly launched, focusing on green technology and intelligent innovation, and actively invite famous, special, excellent and new enterprises in the industry to participate. In 2019, the "Car Lightweight (Plastic) Theme Zone" was launched, which selected local representative companies and individual champion products, such as  the windshield for bullet trains developed and produced by Shentong Group of Lanjiang Street in Yuyao City.  

The international forum platform is making efforts to deepen industry aggregation and transform local results. It is reported that this forum has set up six speech themes, one industry development report release and six major theme sub-forums on the theme of “collaborative innovation, integrated development – co-molding new industry ecology”. The six speech themes of the main forum are based on the development trend of the industry, focusing on the macro development of the industry, the green development of the industry and the issue of marine garbage. The China Plastics Enterprise Development Report will also be released during the forum.

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