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Talent supply and demand docking meeting held for fashion industry in Ningbo
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Recently, the 2019 Human Resources Service Supply and Demand Docking Meeting for the textile and fashion industry in Ningbo was held in the Fenghua District, attracting over 700 representatives from over 100 textile and fashion companies, over 60 human resources service agencies and 24 specialized colleges or universities throughout the country, making it the largest talent docking meeting for the textile and fashion industry in Ningbo.

By taking advantage of the platforms built by the government and the college-enterprises collaboration and mobilizing the third-party human resources intermediaries, the docking meeting aims to attract the professional talent in urgent need by the textile and fashion enterprises to promote the development of the fashion industry in the city. On the site, the enterprises concerned signed over 220 intention of cooperation with the participating human resources service institutions and colleges or universities, mainly including talent recruitment (introduction) and staff training. The entity enterprises also signed 110 intentions of cooperation with professional talents.

In addition, the Fenghua District Government signed the intentional agreements for cooperation with the Textile College of Donghua University, the Aiyimei Group and the Fashion Faculty of Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College for college-government and college-enterprise cooperation and talent supply and demand respectively.

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