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Daegu City, South Korea
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Daegu (formerly spelled Taegu), located in a basin surrounded by low mountains by Geumho River, is the fourth largest city in south Korea after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. With a humid subtropical climate, it is called the “furnace” in Korea. This climate condition provides the region with high quality grains, vegetables, cotton, silk and makes it noted for apples and oriental melons . Daegu enjoys a well-developed light industry, especially cotton, wool, silk, chemical fiber industry. Rubber, ceramics, food processing, farm machinery and transport machinery and other industries are also important parts in its manufacturing industry.

Lying in the middle of the Daegu Basin on the east of Nakdong River, Daegu is surrounded by mountains including Mt. Palgongsan, Mt. Ring, Drachenfels, Mt. Biseul, Mt. Choejeongsan, Garyu-zan.The Geumho River flows through the city and drains into the Nakdong River. Daegu covers an area of 883.57km²with its downtown area covering 445 km². Daegu is 327km to the southeast of Seoul. It is on the west of Pohang, a famous coastal city in South Korea, and on the north of Busan, an important seaport.

On June 8th, Daegu and Ningbo signed a contract in Ningbo, which brought their relationship to a new level of twin cities after ten years of friendly relationship.

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