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Nottingham City of the UK
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Nottingham, the capital of Eastern Midland, lies in the middle of England. It is the second largest collecting and distributing center of merchandise inferior only to London. The city proper boasts a population of 270,000 while the population of Metropolitan city reaches 640, 000.

Nottingham is easily accessible for it is only 120 miles away from London. With three airports stationed nearly, the city lies in the hub of communication. Besides autobus services connecting the city with other parts of Great Britain, it also possesses wonderful railway and road networks. It needs about 2 hours by train from London to Nottingham. 

Nottingham’s tourism is quite developed. To the north of the city lies the famous national park. There are a lot of scenic spots around the city, such as Shakespeare’s hometown, Warwick castle, Cambridge and Oxford, the sites of ancient Rome, ect. The scenic spot within the city includes: Nottingham Castle, museums, galleries, Jump Pin Gym, USA, Wolaton Park, Bylon’s Masion and Robinhood Memorial.

Nottingham is one of the most ancient cities of Great Britain. Robinhood, a figure of world-renowned was once haunting here killing the rich and helping the poor. It was also the hometown of D.H. Lawrence, the great writer of the world. The local government is making efforts to keep her old residence and develop other related comemorable sites. Her novels like Rainbow, Women in Love, Sons and Lovers, Lady Chatterley’s Lover all took the city and the towns nearby as the backgrounds. Byron, the great poem, also lived here before. Buttle Lord also made a fortune here and became a medicine tycoon.

Nottingham's economy is developing very fast with low unemployment and comparatively developed manufacture, hi-tech, architecture, and service industry.

Founded in 1881, Nottingham University is the first kingly charted university granted after World War II. As one of the top ten key and comprehensive universities in Great Britain, the university is comprised of 7 schools and 59 departments. To be specific, the 7 schools are: School of Humanities, School of Law and Society, School of Education, School of science, School of Engineering, and School of Medicine. There are 28,000 national students and 5000 international students coming from over one hundred countries and regions. Occupying an area of 1400 hectares, the university is one of the most beautiful campuses in Great Britain. The university has three campus in Malaysia, Singapore, and Ningbo. Yang Fujia, a native of Ningbo and a famous nuclear physics academician of China, is the Chancellor of Nottingham University Ningbo Campus. 

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