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Stavanger City of Norway
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Stavanger, the fourth largest city of Norway, lies on the southwestern coast and is the capital of Rogaland fylke (one of 24 counties in Norway). The city proper has a population of 11,000 while the population of Metropolitan city reaches 300,000. Fast economic development has made it one of the richest places in Norway. It is an internationalized seaport and conference center.
As a seaport, Stavanger is the European petrol center being famous as Norway’s petrol capital, which provides the logistic support for the North Sea petrol exploitation. Many important petrol corporations and institutions in the world have their branches here. It hosts the North Sea oil field seminar and exhibition every two years. Agriculture, fishing and shipbuilding are also developed here. The new electronic industry and machinery industry have had better growth in recent years.

Stavanger University has an enrollment of over 8,000 students and also provides further education for local residents. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra is world famous. Besides, it has all kinds of museums, theatres, art galleries and other cultural facilities.

Stavanger has a long history, which was settled in the 8th century and became the seat of a bishopric in the 12th century, when the Cathedral of St. Swithin was built. The Stavanger Battle in 900 A.D. led to the founding of Norway Kingdom. The inner city is very beautiful and attracts lots of tourists.

Stavanger has convenient transportation system and the airport is only 20-minute car ride from the central city.

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