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Bydgoszcz city of Poland
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Bydgoszcz,the capital city of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, lies in the north central part of Poland, 250 km away from Warszawa and 160 km from the largest port city, Gdansk. With nearly 400,000 inhabitants, for over 7 centuries harmoniously growing alongside the banks of Brda and Vistula rivers, the city draws its wisdom and strength from the resources of spiritual and material heritage of three geographic and historic regions: Wielkopolska, Pomorze and Kujawy.

An extraordinary combination of a convenient communication point, modern economy and rich scientific, technical and business environment places Bydgoszcz among cities distinguished by the modernity of economy. The city developed into one of the most important economic centers in Poland. 46.000 companies operating in very different fields, but in particular in telecommunication, chemical industry and food industry prove its importance. Over 410 foreign companies have invested and settled in the city.At the same time, the development of service industry grows very quickly, and proportions of commerce, finance and real estate are soaring up. Bydgoszcz, with some 30 banks, is an key financial base of Poland. In addition, there is a large-scale wholesale trade center and several large fairs.

One cannot look at the economic potential of the city, its diversity, without drawing the attention to the significance of rivers in its development. This is particularly seen on the example of preserved sluices on the Bydgoszcz Canal and magnificent industrial engineering facilities. The Canal constructed at the end of the 18th century reminds about a rich history, which it played in the life of the city and the life of Poland. It combined the system of rivers in Western Europe with the system of rivers in Eastern Europe. Currently efforts are undertaken to list in the near future the Canal on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a masterpiece of technique of inland navigation.

River transport became the flywheel of city's economy in the previous centuries and today it is possible to admire a whole range of preserved examples of industrial engineering connected with water.

Especially many tokens of old Bydgoszcz survived in the city centre. Therefore it is worth visiting the Mill Island, which is surrounded by the waters of Brda River. There are very few such charming places in Europe that are located in the very heart of the city. The beauty of the picturesque location of the Mill Island is emphasized by facades of eighteen and nineteen century granaries, Rothera's Mills, reflected in the Brda River, and they constitute an indelible memory of the city from several hundred years ago.

Development of the city is inseparably connected with the increase in demand for top quality culture. Superb performances on the scenes of the Opera "Nova" and the Polish Theatre attract many art lovers. The citizens of Bydgoszcz proudly participate in concerts in the Pomeranian Philharmonic, in music festivals such as for instance the Bydgoszcz Opera Festival, International Competition for Young Pianists "Arthur Rubinstein in Memoriam", Bydgoszcz Music Festival and other. The inhabitants of the city and their guests often visit cozy pubs, cafeterias and music clubs and enjoy their unique atmosphere.

The citizens of Bydgoszcz combine their interest in culture with their passion for sports. Spots in Bygdoszcz is not only professional, local sport, even though it is on the highest level in Poland, but it is also sport that presents superb European or world sport events for instance the 1st IAAF World Youth Championship, European Junior Championship, twice the European Cup in multi-discipline event, SPAR European Cup, World Grand Prix Volleyball Tournaments and other. The city is preparing to host of the IAAF World Junior Championships, which shall be organized in 2008. Every event is visited by many citizens of Bydgoszcz, who from their youngest years are sport fans, especially with respect to the queen of sports - athletics, cinder-track racing, rowing, canoeing, basketball, but also cycling. They treat such competitions on stations, in sport halls, as a holiday anticipated for a long time.

Moreover, education is also a highlight of the city. Many higher learning institutes are located here. They are the School of Medicine, Poznan University of Economics, the Music College and University of Technology and Agriculture, Pomorze Economic University and so on.

In Bydgoszcz, the dwellers can enjoy a pleasant leisure environment. There are types of leisure places, such as Stone Mill Island, beautiful paths along the beach and cycling paths along Brda and Bydgoszcz Canal. So far, culture and leisure forest park enjoys wide popularity. Among other things, the city has Poland Zoo, Paradise, racing course, Plant Park, cable car and skiing ground.

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