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Santos City of Brazil
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Santos, a famous port city of Brazil, is 70 km away from San Paulo, the largest industrial city of Brazil. Covering an area of 474 sq. km, Santos has a population of 430 000, of which 95 percent inhibit in San Vicente Island. It is a densely populated area, accounting for 10 percent of the total area of the city.

Santos is a comparatively prosperous city in Brazil, with annual per capita income amounting to $3 000 and a lower unemployment rate. Santos is the world’s leading coffee port. In addition to coffee, its industries include refinery, chemistry, machinery, cement, metallurgy, foodstuff, and wood-timber. Besides, owing to its rich tourism resources, the urban beach and booming nightlife attract many visitors every year. What is more, Santos has some potentials in developing ecotourism.

Santos enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Its average annual temperature is between 27-28 Celsius degree, and the precipitation is around 2,000 mm.

As far as transportation is concerned, it is quiet developed. There are 2 express highways connecting the city with St. Paulo, one railway accessing to other parts of the nation and San Paulo International Airport, which is 100 km away. 

Santos port has a pivotal geographical position, surrounded by the Gulf of Santos in the Southeast and facing Atlantic to its Northeast. It is not only the outland port of the largest San Paulo state, but also the largest one in Brazil even in South America. Additionally, it becomes the biggest port to export coffee and a transportation hub to Bolivia and Paraguay. With 40 bulk and general cargo docks, 10 oil ports, and several container ports, Santos port can accommodate 300 ships per month and transfer one-third exports and two-fifths imports. Last year, the volume of freight handled by port totaled 42 million tons. The main exports goods include coffee, sugar, meat, foodstuff, cotton, cement, soybean, and the imported are wheat, machinery equipments, fuels, fertilizer and chemical products. The containers handled last year reached 800, 000 TEUs.
At present, Santos Municipal Government began making a long-term plan to realize the harmonious development in environment, economy and society by appealing people to participate in some activities for the city’s development; meanwhile, the government will devote to developing “The 21st Century Program ”so as to solve the major problems affecting the vital interests of people. To be specific these programs include re-employment, income improvement, education, resources and environment protection, housing, health, transportation, public order, security, and tourism.    

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