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Wilmington of USA
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Located in the east of USA, the city of Wilmington is the largest industrial and commercial port city in Delaware, USA. It is also an important hub of communications sitting midway between New York (195 km away) and Washington (170 km away). At the same it has easy access to such major industrial cities as Philadelphia and Pittsburg. The greater Wilmington city covers an area of 1800 square kms and has a population of roughly 500,000. The city proper covers an area of 17 square kms and has a population of 170,000.

Advantageous port and main port facilities

Wilmington Port is located on the east coastline of USA, 65 miles off the navigation channel on the Atlantic Ocean, and at the very place where Gristina River merges into the River of Delaware. The port was first built in 1023 and is under the jurisdiction of Wilmington Municipality. The port has six berths (total length 325m) and one floating wharf (510 X 80 m) equipped with automobile conveyors.

The whole port covers an area of some 300 acres. The port ha a 35-foot-deep canal that serves as a deep-water navigation channel to access the basin of River of Delaware all the year round. The port has an advantageous geographical location, with railways, airlines and expressways connecting to all major cities. The port facilities are also advanced, complete with warehouses. It is a complete, multi-functional and modern port. 

Jamesh. Sills, Jr. is Mayor of Wilmington.   

The port handles various cargoes including automobiles, fruits, vegetables, meats, minerals, steel, iron, cobalt, lead, lumber and chemicals.

Highly developed industry

The industry of Wilmington features automobile manufacturing industry and chemical industry, especially the latter. The world famous corporations such as Dupont Chemicals Co., Hercules Incorporated and Imperial Chemicals Co. are all headquartered here, earning the city the title of the largest "chemical town" in the world. The automobile manufacturing industry here is represented by the General Motors. By utilizing its complete communication network and industrial advantages, the city sets out to promote the import and export business. By adopting preferential policies such as tax holidays for importers and exporters, the city has attracted a good number of major businesses and banking groups to register their companies here, which greatly enhances its economic and financial strength and status.

Booming cultural undertakings

Wimington has a recreational art center, a number of opera houses and theatres. The Children's Theatre of Delaware State is also located here and specializes in catering to children by staging classic or contemporary plays on family life.

The Art Museum of Delaware and the Modern Art Center of Delaware here renders an artistic atmosphere to the city. There, people may appreciate the rare masterpieces collected by connoisseurs of all ages. 

The city boasts all kinds of parks totaling an area of 552 acres. The largest park covers an area of 180 acres and a mere ten minutes' walk from the very downtown. The nice natural sceneries add so much pleasure to the life of the residents.

Amiable climate

Wilmington has a delightful climate the year round, neither extremely cold as in the north of the country nor scorchingly hot as in the south.
Exchanges between Ningbo and Wilmington

1. Exchange of delegations

In 1992, a delegation organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo and the Ningbo Branch of China Council for Promotion of International Trade paid a business visit to Wilmington. In 1993, the Chairman of Honson Associates International Inc. of Wilmington visited Ningbo together with other personnel concerned. This was followed by a number of further visits by the Chairman in an effort to promote trade and cooperation between the two cities. In 1995, Ningbo industrial delegation visited Wilmington and attended the World Trade Week of Delaware in Wilmington.

In April 1997, Zhang Weiwen, Mayor of Ningbo, headed the Ningbo municipal government delegation to visit Wilmingto. During the visit, the delegation met with James Sills, Mayor of Wilmington and discussed issues concerning the promotion of friendly relations and economic exchanges between the two cities. The delegation also met with personnel from the Economic Development Bureau of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Branch of US Association of International Civilian Exchanges and held a briefing on the city of Ningbo that was widely welcome.

In October 1997, the President of Delaware International Friendship Association attended the International Fashion Festival of Ningbo together with two other personnel. In November 1997, the Ningbo Enterpreneur Delegation visited Wilmington.

2. Personnel Training

In June 1997, the Vice President of Delaware State University visited Ningbo and held talks with Ningbo University. In ensuing August, a teacher from Ningbo University was invited to Delaware State University for further study for a period of one year.

Other than above, Ningbo has held talks with other universities and colleges of Delaware State concerning the project of sending students at their own expense.

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