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Daily clearance volume of cross-border e-commerce at Ningbo Airport hits new records
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Recently, the 9610 export transaction has been conducted by the Sinotrans at Ningbo Airport, with the highest daily clearance volume exceeding 170,000, setting a new record for the daily clearance volume of cross-border e-commerce at the airport.

In July 2019, with the start of the cross-border e-commerce export business, Ningbo Airport became the only port in Ningbo to have the functions of both general cross-border e-commerce import and general cross-border e-commerce export. Over the past three months, it has attracted enterprises from Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and completed a total cross-border e-commerce export clearance of 829,612 orders, with the goods volume of US$2.052576 million.

To address the problem of insufficient air transport capacity, the administration committee of the airport has actively promoted the communications between the airport customs and the related business segments from Shanghai and Hangzhou, to solve the difficulty of customs transit for e-commerce export.

The advantages of the cross-border e-commerce export business of Ningbo Airport have been highlighted by a series of favorable policies. Many related companies have negotiated with the airport and even started to conduct their business, like the Sinotrans, CTS, COSCO, TOP&CY, Aries-express and YW Express, thus promoting the prosperous development of the airport.

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