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Ningbo Song and Dance Ensemble
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Established in 1990, Ningbo Song and Dance Ensemble has a staff team of 60 people at average age of 22, all graduates from professional art school. The ensemble has a dance team, folk band, orchestra and artistic dance team, plus a MIDI studio equipped with advanced facilities. It is a governmental ensemble that is staffed with national first-grade performers, first-grade composers and first-grade and second-grade writers and directors.

Since inauguration, the ensemble has taken upon itself the responsibility of promoting folk art. It produced and staged dance dramas including "Best Views are Here", "Passions of Snail Girl"; grand dance dramas including "Rainbow in Golden Autumn", "Chinese Spirit", "The Golden Voyage"; lute concertos "Autumn River in Twilight"; instrumental music works including "Rosy Clouds", "South China Music"; songs including "Big Bowl" and "Hello, Comrade", dances including "Moonlit River in Spring", "Melting", "Dream of Old Days", "Wild Flowers", "Persian Girl", and "Martyrs of Siming Mount". The ensemble also practiced and staged excellent performances such as "Bridal Chamber", "Marriage". "Ode to the Yellow River" and " The Oasis".

The works produced or performances staged by the ensemble have won many provincial and municipal awards. The ensemble even went on performance tours in Japan, France, Shanghai and Fujian and won wide acclaim among government officers at various levels, overseas friends and the general public. For the prosperity of the theatre and publicity of Ningbo, the ensemble is prepared to put on more and better performances.

Legal representative: Wang Naixing
Address: No.295 Caohui Road, Jiangdong, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Postal code: 315020
Tel: (0574)87776655

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