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Winter Ploughing Festival in Gulin Town Opens
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On the morning of January 7th, with a loud "plowing" sound in Maoxin Village, “Hometown of Ancient Censor”, of Gulin Town in Haishu District, the 3rd Gulin Winter Ploughing Festival reached a climax.

The theme of 2019 Gulin Winter Plowing Festival is "worshipping Taisui, performing operas, yoking the cattle, people ploughing; promoting science and technology, introducing aviation technology, taking agriculture as the foundation and revitalizing countryside". It inherits the traditional rural custom of "winter ploughing breaking the soil and praying Taisui, and yoking the cattle and ploughing the winter soil".

At 9:00 am, in the ancestral hall of Maoxin village, people burned incense offerings, read eulogy, worshiped Taisui, carried plows on the back, played gongs on the road, and sang fishing songs. In the fields, the cattle wearing big red flowers came slowly with ploughed field behind it. The Gulin people prayed for good weather for the crops and abundant harvest in a traditional way.

It is worth mentioning that accompanied by the gongs and drums, a parade called "China Aerospace Rocket" was going on. The brand new rocket model marks the friendship between Maoxin Village and Beijing Aviation Museum. Zhou Shihua, head of the Maoxin Village Agricultural Society, said: "Gulin people stay true to the mission and will also go with the times. In 2018, we have built the brand of green ‘ecological agriculture’, and in 2019, we will build the humanistic brand of "Space Agriculture and Hometown of Ancient Censor". Meanwhile, we will combine some space tourism projects with the fields and develop agriculture-tourism projects to boost the revitalization of rural areas.”

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