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A bustling city with peace and tranquility, a more beautiful Ningbo in 2019
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Welcoming a new Year, you are looking forward to your next trip. Do you know how beautiful Ningbo will turn out to be in 2019? What new places have become a must for you to visit?  What new scenic spots and beautiful villages are about to be open?

Facade improvement

700 A-level tourist villages are to be open

This new year, Ningbo will become even more beautiful.

In 2019, Ningbo will build two national holistic tourism demonstration zones, three 5A-level tourism scenic areas and national-level tourist resorts, 10 provincial-level tourism  towns and 700 A-level tourism villages.

Ningbo will focus on building “four major platforms”, i.e., holistic tourism demonstration zones, high-level scenic resorts, tourism towns, and scenic villages, so as to create a “beautiful economy” demonstration zone with a cluster of elements of the tourism industry. Ningbo will accelerate the establishment of Fenghua, Ninghai, Xiangshan National Holistic  Tourism Demonstration Zones, Xiangshan Film and Television City, Cicheng-Baoguo Temple 5A Tourist Scenic Spot,  Songlan Mountain, Xiangshan and Ninghai Forests Hot Spring Tourism Resort, promote the industrial integration and function improvement of characteristic town projects and advance the construction of  scenic villages according to local conditions.

At the same time, Ningbo will carry out comprehensive environmental improvement of major tourist attractions, greening, cleaning and beautifying the roadside, waterside and mountainside areas, and ecologically managing the waste and sewage in key tourist towns and villages so as to foster a batch of beautiful countries, towns and villages and islands. We strengthen the efforts to the protection and inheritance of Maritime Silk Road and canal sites, historical and cultural blocks, ancient towns and ancient folk culture sites.

Floating space

Two night cruise ships with kitchens will be added n Sanjiang

In recent years, nautical tourism has developed rapidly in Ningbo. The Sanjiang Night Tour Project which has been in operation for more than a year is well received by the citizens and tourists. In 2019, two new cruise ships will join the two presently running ones, i.e., Hanya 1 and 2 Cruise Ships before the high tourist season this summer.

According to the responsible person from Ningbo Hanya Sanjiang Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the new cruise ships are wider and longer with more functions. For example, the passenger capacity will increase from 40 to 198, and there will be 12 dinning room tables.The knuckle line ships will have large french windows large-area and glass domes, a high fashion appearance echoing the city image of Ningbo; the ship size suits the navigation on Sanjiang as the water line runs no more than 3.8 meters above the surface, ensuring ships pass the lowest bridge all year round; they have fore and aft cabins to serve different customers with varied functions; they are to be equipped with a large kitchen featuring hotel-quality cooking  to meet the demand of catering. 

City tourism

City scenery tourism demonstration 

Ningbo Tourism will diversify its tourist product system, and a city scenery tourism demonstration zone is coming.

The Ningbo Tourism Development Conference held at the end of November 2018 shows that in the next two years, Ningbo will further improve the recreational function of the Sanjiang riverside leisure belt, create a modern cultural business norm on the banks of the Yongjiang River and cultural innovation landmark, hold the Sanjiang Temple Light Show, enriching the cultural business norm f Tianyi Pavilion and Yuehu Scenic Area, make Dongqian Lake a must in traveling and a city hallmark. All these make possible a city scenery tourism possible, i.e., making Ningbo a beautiful city, everywhere and every time you go. 

In 2019, Ningbois to complete the reconstruction of two scenic blocks or corridors, and foster a city tourism demonstration zone featuring Sanjiang Night Tour, city of books, and the Old Bund.

Smart traveling

Enter with your face, traveling in Ningbo with your phone

With the development of big data and intelligent technology, modern tourism becomes more convenient. The Xikou Scenic Spot has become the first tourist attraction where people can enter with their face during the New Year’s Day Holiday after purchasing the ticket either online or offline. They can visit the top 10 scenic spots in the scenic spot in this way (but Xuedou Temple and Xufuyan Mountain are not currently included).

Next, Ningbo will continue to accelerate the“Internet +” and “smart +” tourism development, digitalize the management, marketing and services of tourist industry, and cultivate a number of new Internet tourism enterprises and smart tourism demonstration units. Ningbo is to integrate all forms of  tourism business norms to form a one-stop intelligent service platform that is highly service- and customer-oriented. Ningbo is to build 20 smart tourism demonstration units, and e-commercialize more than 70% of tourism products.

Civilized tourism

10 best tour guides, 2500 volunteers

An excellent tourist city needs good guides and volunteers. 

On May 27, 2018, Ningbo Best Tour Guides Studio was officially launched at Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology. At the same time, volunteers abound in Ningbo and are actively involved in guiding and promoting civilized tourism, cleaning and beautifying tourist areas, and guiding tours in high seasons.

In 2019, Ningbo will cultivate 10 best tour guides, 20 civilized tourism demonstration units, and register 2,500 tourist volunteers. Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism says that Ningbo will further promote the development of civilized tourism, actively carry out the campaign of best brand for civilized tourism, and accelerate the cultivation of best tour guides and best hotel service teams, best travel agencies, best tourist volunteers, best civilized scenic spots and best scenic villages etc. 

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