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Meishan Imports 10,388 Finished Vehicles in 2018
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On January 8, Ningbo Customs announced that in 2018, Meishan Bonded Port Area accepted declarations for importing 10,388 finished vehicles with a value of 3.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 68.5%, 37%.

Since the end of 2013, Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area has started parallel import business. Up to now, it has imported 24,616 finished vehicles with a total value of 8.79 billion yuan, which has become a new economic growth point of the port area.

"At present, Meishan Port has gradually become one of the major ports for finished vehicles importing in China, achieving an annual growth rate of nearly 60%." Yan Kaizhou, head of customs clearance department of Meishan Customs, said. In 2018, the import of finished vehicles in Meishan Bonded Port Area experienced several key stages: the cancellation of time limit for bonded warehousing, the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, etc., which continuously injected new vitality into the import business of finished vehicles.

At the customs clearance site, parallel imported vehicles are supervised by line management and pre-inspection, which separates quarantine from inspection. The customs carries out pre-inspection on bonded vehicles, and the vehicles can be released after tax payment, greatly improving the efficiency of customs clearance.

"The scale of our business has been increasing in recent years, especially in this year, the number of cars imported from countries along the 'the Belt and Road' route has increased rapidly." said the relevant person in charge of CITIC Gangtong International Logistics Co., Ltd.

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