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Ningbo creats 13 rural wholesale tourism demonstration zones
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On January 9, with the assessment of four units including Haishu Longguan Township, Yuyao Luting Township, Cixi Longshan Town and Xiangshan Xinqiao Town, a total of 13 rural wholesale tourism demonstration zones have been established in Ningbo. And the other 9 units including Xiangshan Maoyang Township, Jiangbei Beishan, Zhenhai Jiulonghu Town, Beilun Chunxiao Street, Yinzhou Hengxi Town, Fenghua Dayan Town, Yuyao Dalan Town, Ninghai Sangzhou Town and Huchen Township passed the annual review.

Ningbo takes the lead in launching a innovation model to promote the development and transformation of rural tourism industries. These 13 areas have developed rapidly, improving hardware facilities such as tourist service centers, parking lots, tourist public toilets, signage guidance systems, and travel intelligence systems. By integrating tourism resources, these units have become rural tourism destinations that fully meet the needs of travelers, as well as resource and facility sharing, information exchange and functional complementation among rural tourism industries.

It is reported that Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Film, Television and Tourism will review the demonstration area every year. The demonstration areas that meet the standards will be listed in the next year’s demonstration area, and the non-standard demonstration area will be delisted.

In addition, units including Fenghua Xiaowangmiao Street, Beilun Daqi Street, and Yinzhou Dongwu Town were listed into the founding units of the Ningbo rural wholesale tourism demonstration zone.

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