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Talents in great demand for Ningbo
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What kinds of talents are in great demand for Ningbo as it is building a “manufacturing city”? The answer to this question is given in the “2018 talent index and talent development catalogue for ‘manufacturing city’ industries”, issued at the press conference of the 2018 Ningbo Week of Talents, Science and Technology on the morning of September 19.

According to the report, the major features of the talent demand for the manufacturing-related industries are summarized as “constant high demand, guidance of high-end intelligence and shortage of basic talents”. Currently, such industries as high-end equipment, new-generation information technology, auto manufacturing and smart household appliances are in highest demand of talents.

Talent demand continues to grow

Talent demand index for four industries labeled as “red”

The report shows that with the development of the supply-side structural reform, Ningbo has further promoted the development theme of “conversing energy, optimizing structure and improving quality” with the “3511” industrial system for the “manufacturing city” construction, thus a strong demand for talents in the manufacturing industries. Driven by the dramatic growth of demands for high-end technological innovation talents, the demand index of manufacturing in 2018 stands at 54.7%, an increase of 1.4 percentage points over the last year.

Among others, there is an extreme shortage of innovative talents in the four industries which are labeled as “red”, including high-end equipment, new-generation information technology, auto manufacturing and smart household appliances. Six industries are labeled as “yellow”, which means there is a great shortage of talents but the recruitment is active, including new materials, biomedicine, green petrochemical industry, clean energy, industrial innovative design and software information service. Then five industries are labeled as “green”, which means there is a limited demand for talents and the enterprises are not willing to invest too much in talent recruitment, including high marine technology, fashion and textile industry, inspection and testing, technological service and energy saving & environmental protection.

Technique innovative talents are in great demand

Demand index of professional technical talents standing at 84.4%

Currently, the manufacturing industries in Ningbo are at a critical point of energy conversion, with the emphasis turning from quantity expansion to quality improvement. With the accelerated promotion of the major projects in such fields as intelligent manufacturing and digital factory, there is a leap-forward growing demand for specialized technicians, project managers and high-tech talents, with the demand indexes of 84.4%, 74.2% and 64.7% respectively, ranking No.1, No.2 and No.4 among all the posts of the manufacturing industries.

In addition, the demand index for high-end technicians stands at 42.6%, while the growth rate is over 20 percentage points, which shows that there is a great demand for the leading talents with independent intellectual property or core technologies to lead the development of the emerging industries, the outstanding academic leaders, the outstanding sci-tech leaders and the distinguished innovation teams. The endogenous high-quality development of the industries has become the major driving force for the demand of the high-end technique innovative talents.

Confidence for talent recruitment picks up

Recruitment of three categories of talents remaining difficult

Affected by the level elevation of the talent demand, the reduction of mobility of talents, as well as the enhancement of the talent cultivation and reserve intention, the enterprises concerned are now boasting the talent demand for more limited posts and clearer recruitment goals. The confidence index for talent recruitment reaches 49.3%, an increase of 2.2 percentage points over the last year. However, the index is still below the base line of 50%.  

In terms of the industrial categories, the supply of professional technicians is obviously inadequate for such industries as new-generation information technology, biomedicine, high-end equipment, auto manufacturing and green petrochemical industry. There is still great difficulty in the recruitment of high-end technicians in some subdivisions of the industries, as the recruitment confidence index of the enterprises stands at about 40%, much lower than the average of all the industries.

In terms of post categories, the difficulty still lies in such posts as high-end technicians, technique R&D talents for manufacturing and highly skilled talents, with the confidence indexes being 30.3%, 42.8% and 48.5% respectively. Despite the introduction of the high-quality universities or colleges, research institutes and professional training organizations into Ningbo, the talent training projects and programs, and the optimization of the talent supply structure of the manufacturing industries, the talent demand is still far from being satisfied, compared with the growth rate of demand for innovative talents driven by the rapid development of advanced manufacturing.

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