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Wuzhong Tourism Promotion held in Ningbo
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Recently, 2018 Wuzhong Tourism Promotion was held in Ningbo. Many travel agencies and media representatives from Ningbo participated in the event.

Wuzhong City is located in the middle of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is known as the “Land of Fish and Rice”. It has a long history and culture, with the Yellow River culture and the frontier culture complementing each other. Since ancient times, it has been an important passage of the Silk Road. It has been hailed as “the water and dry dock in the world”. It is known for the high quality and high yield of agricultural products such as beach mutton, organic medlar, wine grapes and selenium-enriched rice. Wuzhong is also the national commodity grain base, dairy cattle breeding base, wine grape industry base and the hometown of Chinese beach sheep and licorice.

As one of the most landscape-concentrated area of Yellow River in Ningxia, with the most unique folk customs the most advantageous ecological living environment, its famous attractions include Qingtongxia Yellow River Grand Canyon, Huanghetan, the Bird Island, Yellow River Tower, Yanzhou Ancient City and Haba Lake. In particular, the Yellow River Grand Canyon and the Yellow River Tower are representative of magnificent Yellow River Culture. Historical sites represented by the 108 towers, Dong Mansion, Qingtongxia Pigeon Mountain Site, and Yanchi Zhangjiachang Ancient Great Wall, are deeply rooted in the ancient culture. The scenery of the Yanzhou Prairie, representing frontier culture, is unique.

It is learned that since Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Zhejiang Province signed a cooperation agreement on deepening key areas in 2013, Wuzhong and Ningbo have signed a friendly cooperation agreement, and the two places have carried out a series of cooperation and exchange activities. In 2018, Ningbo-Wuzhong Tourism set off a new climax, with more than 3,500 visitors to Wuzhong by chartering. At present, there is a daily round-trip flight from Ningbo to Yinchuan: 20:10 from Ningbo and 16:45 from Yinchuan.

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