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Zhejiang CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. launched
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On the morning of September 12, Zhejiang CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was unveiled in the city, which indicates that the technical strength and application scale of China's domestic supercapacitors have leapt to the forefront of the world. It is of great significance to enhance China's global voice in this field, to promote the localization application and technology upgrade of core components in wind power, rail transit and other related fields.

Zhejiang CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is formed by Ningbo CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Supreme Power Solution (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 336 million yuan. It is headquartered in Ningbo and is committed to becoming the world's leading super capacitor, energy storage device supplier, and world-class energy storage system solution provider. It is reported that Ningbo CRRC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Supreme Power Solution (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. are the leading companies in the field of super capacitors in China. The former is the leader of high-power supercapacitor technology, and the latter is the pioneer of the development of laminated and wind double electric layer super capacitors.

It is reported that the newly established Zhejiang CRRC New Energy Company settled in the Ningbo CRRC Industry Base in Wuxiang Town, Yinzhou District. The base is an important base for strategic emerging industries jointly built by China CSR Group and Ningbo City and Yinzhou District. It has invested 600 million yuan in infrastructure construction and 16 enterprises have settled. The “Super Capacitor Manufacturing Method” project of Ningbo CRRC New Energy Co., Ltd., which has settled in the base, won the 19th China Patent Gold Award in 2017. At present, the subway, trolleybus, supercapacitor, environmental protection equipment and other products manufactured by the base have successively become business cards of Ningbo. In the first eight months of 2018, the base completed the industrial output value of 1.686 billion yuan, and fixed assets investment of 778 million yuan, an increase of 77%. The modern tram town, which is based on the base, is also advancing rapidly.

In addition, it was learned from Yinzhou District that the Ningbo CRRC New Energy Research and Development Base, which has received much attention, was officially put into operation in February 2018. The construction investment is nearly 200 million yuan and the construction area is 35,000 square meters. It is planning to establish a national supercapacitor research center and State-level laboratories to create a world-class intelligent manufacturing plant.


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