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The world's tallest transmission tower covered with "anti-corrosion coat"
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On September 10, under the 380-meter-high Zhoushan Xihoumen Transmission Tower, the workers of the State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company were busy spraying paint. With the spraying finished, the tower hoisted to the sky to complete the installation, the world's tallest transmission tower was covered with the "anti-corrosion coat" made by Ningbo.

It is learned that the coating used this time is a new graphene anti-corrosion coating jointly developed by State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company and the Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which can increase the lifespan of transmission towers by more than 6 years. During the 10-month construction period, the total amount of coatings reached 27 tons and the coating area 32,000 square meters. (Photo by Wang Mubin and Xu Zhanxin)

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