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Global Intelligent Economy Summit to be held in Ningbo
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As is learned from Ningbo Committee of Economy and Information Technology, the Global Intelligent Economy Summit as well as the 8th Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo, China, will be held in Ningbo from September 7 to 9, with the theme of “digital driving and intelligent development”.

Reportedly, the event (consisting of the Global Intelligent Economy Summit, the smart city technology and application products exhibition, the awarding ceremony for 2018China-EU Green and Smart City Award, and the innovation and entrepreneurship competition), will demonstrate a group of new technologies, new products and new achievements, explore new ideas, models and strategies for further development, and carry out cooperation and docking of major projects.

The summit will have one main forum and several theme sub-forums. The main forum, with the focus on the four topics of new-generation artificial intelligence, smart city and big data, industrial Internet and intelligent economy & smart city innovation, will invite over 100 prominent scientists and enterprises from home and abroad to discuss about such frontier fields of the information technology as Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and block chain. The four sub-forums will center on such fields as digital economy, industrial application of smart city, and intelligent manufacturing.

As an important part of the event, the smart city expo will cover an exhibition area of 26,000 square meters, with the five exhibition halls for prominent domestic and foreign enterprises, intelligent manufacturing, smart city applications, artificial intelligence (and Internet of things), and innovative technology experience respectively. 

The other activities include the awarding ceremony for the China-EU Green and Smart City Award, the China-EU Green and Smart City Summit, and docking and exchange activities. In addition, three other activities will be held in Ningbo, including the 1st “China Intelligent Manufacturing” big data innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the final of the Baidu-cloud intelligent base innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and the semi-final of the IoT Global (Ningbo) for Huawei developer competition.

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