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Ballet experience event held
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Recently, a 100-person ballet experience event was held at the Grand Theatre of Ningbo Cultural Square, attracting nearly 100 dance lovers to experience the unique charm of ballet. This is a popular art publicity activity for the ballet aesthetics launched by the Natalia Ballet Art School.

“Natalia Ballet” is the first children's ballet education brand institution established by China and Ukraine. It settled in Ningbo two years ago. Named after the Ukrainian children's ballet education master Natalia Lerenvskaya, the school advocates the philosophy of health, happiness and beauty in children’s education. In January 2017, it became a “one person, one art” social space alliance agency.

 On July 10th, outstanding foreign ballet teachers such as Chorna Iryna, director of Dance Teaching and Research Office of Natalia Ballet Art School, and Maria participated in the event. Among them, Ukrainian Chorna Iryna is a world-class professional ballet teacher. In 1998, she won the first prize of the "Crystal Shoes" Cup International Youth Ballet Competition in Kharkov, Ukraine, and joined Kharkov National Opera Ballet at the age of 17. At the age of 18, she was funded by National Talent Art Foundation of Kharkov and enrolled at the Ballet Department of the National Conservatory of Music in Vienna, Austria. She graduated with a master's degree at the age of 19 and joined Theater Ballet of Vienna State Opera, one of the world's top ten. Now she is engaged in choreography and ballet teaching.

At the opening of the event, a group of young students from Natalia Ballet Art School presented the ballet programs such as "Spring Dream", showing the results of their ballet learning. Later, under the leadership of foreign ballet teachers such as Chorna Iryna, the dance fans learned the ballet movements. “Raise your hand, open, turn circle...” Under the guidance of the teacher, nearly 100 dance lovers in the audience began to learn the tricks of ballet and experienced the graceful and noble artistic charm of ballet. A parent who came to experience with the children said that such interactive experience activities provided the public with an opportunity to know more about the arts and to stimulate children's interest in learning art.

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